• redneckwriter69 14w

    " Promised Thru "
    By: SkWilliams

    Not understanding why
    Questions and confusion
    Not setting right and upsetting
    Mindset of a person takes
    Alot performing like a clown
    You do your best
    Understanding the feelings
    Of a clown throwed down
    Pieces being picked up daily
    Why do you do it ..you ask
    Yourself failure around every
    Corner you can't escape it
    Struggling to hold to the
    String that your hanging
    Dangling from what you thought
    Would hold you and care
    Is thinking your strength will
    Make you survive thru it
    Wondering why your having
    Doubts and strain doin
    What you need done
    Where have you been
    Your not close as you thought
    I walk the chambers one by one
    Ideas and memories drowning
    Pushing feeling further up
    Will you get thru the maze
    Of life that proceeds and crushes
    Where will this lead
    What's the outcome
    Complete oblivion
    It frightening while your
    Staying afloat barely
    The anchor is getting heavy
    Not being able to detach the
    Weight that holds so tight ....