• natanalatress 33w

    Autumn leaves fall leaving trees bare, fully naked and exposed
    Nothing certain these days
    Not even my words on paper they’ll one day fade away
    This year has been a blur but life goes on
    The days are like my words, twisted by many understood by a few
    We all walk around wearing these face coverings no one knows who’s who
    Masks go on and they also come off, exposing a truth that was there all along
    But still yet life is different but it still goes on

    Leaves fall from the trees like the clothes from your body,
    All they see is the leaves on the ground and your clothes on the floor but seeing something naked is so much more, naked is beautiful
    Naked is fierce
    Naked is vulnerable

    They don’t see that this tree has been thru so many storms and is dying inside

    My body was standing there like a tree in the forest naked but with so many words, words of wisdom but no need to explain, because no one experiences the world the same....