• xixlinn 76w

    Dance of the reaper

    I will touch you
    I will hold you
    Till my blood turns black and blue,
    For blue is the colour of my soul,
    And black the tint of my heart.
    I will walk with you till my feet burn and my arms weaken, till my senses become numb and I loose sight.
    I will see the world, embedded in your soul, guiding every breath you take and every heartbeat that makes you alive.
    And when you decide to leave, I will live on, carrying your breath and heartache to mine and another.
    I will carry your tears away from the soul of the being and the essence of the elderly. I will deliver you to the moon and dim the sun for your light, I will help you reach every plight and happiness.
    I will take you to every raindrop that falls in the dusk of the suffocating sun and deep below the Earth, to the bones aged and forgone.
    For I'll love you even when you're long gone.
    With love,