• zimba00 39w

    Day 2. 22/9/20

    What a amazing training day. Really wonderful.
    So thank you Rashmi ma'am. For this wonderful day.
    So yes , the day begun with a chime meeting and interaction before training started because we had new team lead toady.
    And to tell it was so much fun so much happy to be in this team , it was so much friendly environment . We spoke with eachother we where cracking jokes at eachothers interest . Today on the meeting we gave birth to a new biking club at amazon india. That's a very funny story. And many things. Also we learnt all the software that we are going to use and about the region of operation that we will be leading. Totally a wonderful day.

    I would really like to thank amazon india for giving me an opportunity.

    So let's get back to the biking club story.
    So everybody were talking about their interests and hobbies and etc .. and it was my turn I have a very smiling face ok .
    So when I had my turn , I said my interest are biking , travelling , trekking . Hockey .
    So after me the row of boys and my friend Yash we all said yes biking , travelling that this .
    So the next fun question was " what was our childhood fantasy or your craziest dream " .
    As all know my craziest dream . I wanna travel to Ladakh with ammu. A very long ride to khardungla .
    I said I wanna go on a long ride to Ladakh .
    So one girl among the team named shiny said when she had her turn . She said her craziest dream was to go to Ladakh . And smiled and said no that AKSHITH is here . I'll join him . So Rashmi ma'am and we all laughed and said . This feels like I'm into a riders club and we planned our first trip together when we go to Bangalore , not a bike trip but everyone together to a destination ...

    Learnt more about the softwares I use and what importance I play on amazon was known to me today .

    Great day.

    And yes no matter what I always have ammu with me . I had kept ammus handkerchief with me and enjoying the day.

    Day 2 ends.