• ajaykrsingh123 9w

    Burden of truth

    You keep some truth inside,
    And you promised self not to reveal,
    It even crops up on the grave,
    And it can consume the forged steel.

    The baby of truth cries out loud,
    All against you it will gather a brigade,
    This little can kill many legions,
    No one can stand such a huge crusade.

    Many are living a miserable life,
    The truth makes their blood run cold,
    Hardships turn out to be worse,
    When It even happens to be very old.

    It is not ugly not a little at all,
    But this has spark of a mighty thunder,
    You misunderstood it always,
    You let the silly mistake to be a blunder.

    But it is audaciously blunt,
    Not all can handle the truth very well,
    Not all know the right potion,
    It's nothing but the truth you must tell.