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    The carousel rises, and turns,
    and there is a commotion from all over the world.
    On your crooked face - fragments of happiness.
    And you strike a laugh, like a forgetful seal.
    Don't fade from me!

    Another amusement park in a distant land.
    and again, fragments of happiness,
    for a multitude of cripples, beggars and the rich,
    and everything is in harmony,
    like a clock mechanism.
    Don't fade from me!

    The carousel rotates,
    the images are mixed and blurred,
    curved branches in dense canopies.
    And you blindly believe that every minute,
    I'm holding you tight and I won't let you go.
    Don't fade from me!

    Below us, hell and heaven,
    in the fair's idyll,
    cheap packages for premature death,
    clowns, snakes, and whores in silk,
    and everything is in harmony
    while carousel continues to spin.
    Don't fade from me!

    You ask me do I believe.
    Sometimes I believe that nothing makes sense;
    On one tiny planet,
    rushing towards nothing for millions of years;
    we are born in pain;
    we grow; we are fighting; we get sick;
    we suffer; we inflict pain on others;
    we pay, we buy fragments of happiness;
    we shout; we cry; we die;
    And others are born to begin, the same,
    endless farce, useless comedy,
    an endless ride on a carousel that doesn't stop.
    Is our life really important to anyone but ourselves?
    But tonight
    I hold your hand, in the fair's idyll,
    on my crooked face,
    fragments of happiness,
    and maybe just tonight, yes, I believe ...

    Don't fade from me!

    By artistano1

    @mirakee @writersnetwork #genuine_readers #mirakee #writersnetwork

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