• qawi_khan 54w

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    Learn the tactics of war first to get the scenario of it
    Not rule a sword before untill the order is good if wit.

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    Know the secrets to win

    Rise eternal you die in immortal peace
    Of what the glory is about in war and love
    rinse the blood pure smelling some pride and wonder the scare how less it hurts and glow more
    It's the light that gives the way zodiac to adore
    for both any great warrior or love star a new door.
    Next the crumbling dust beneath doesn't scare now
    wounds and bloodshed were too dark for the light
    to pave way straight now all darker lands are bright.
    More a simp try to fight getting him shrink too tight
    Same as the war land that shines and edges down
    from a girth to tiny master ground that mourns deaths and valour who wasted lives but for what they were built for they have rafted their journey in gay.
    Unmatched shield bore hard after burns and mourn
    scratch it and so the lover explore the world at dawn.
    Weapons aren't the valour signs of the carnage behind the chest that waits greedy to fetch the blood
    as not the material things mark the love in the flood.
    Be a warrior first to learn not a simp searching true love.