• maricrismeza 30w

    You exalt my heart

    We will make love again
    We will be one again
    We will make love
    at 2 or 3 or 4 a.m.

    Before sunrise
    before the birds start singing
    before the time to start life

    Love is made with love

    My lips will run sliding
    down your back
    like a soft drop of oil
    on your skin

    You will turn around
    your hands like artist
    shaping my body

    Your lips will dance
    around my neck

    Your lips will rush to my chest
    sliding down, down and down ...

    Between my legs

    My legs will be like fire

    And I'll be thirsty
    inside my body
    you quench my thirst
    with your wet body
    with the source of water
    that comes from you

    You calm my burning
    with love and tenderness

    I satisfy the rivers of love
    inside of you
    I give you peace

    Our screams are only love
    Our passion only brings joy

    When we make love
    We make happiness
    We get the peace

    We are together
    We are the best lovers
    We are the best making love

    Thank you
    You exalt my heart
    By. Maricris Meza
    May 7, 2021
    © MaricrisMeza