• knives_and_pens 197w

    Why search for a paradise when we can drive out in the desert in midnight ?
    And dance endlessly,smearing our bodies in the dust in the candescence of the headlight.
    If the world catches us, we'll hide us under the light of the old moon.
    Laying on the rooftops of the car, your head on my chest we'll get lost in the arms of imagination and murmur our favourite song.
    I don't want to stop here, as i can't stop to think how it feels to spend a whole night with you.
    Aurorae's will fill up the dark sky, and make me wonder should i cherish the stars or the bewitching smile on your face that bears my name .
    Where there will be no noise and our heart beats entwined with each other will play a melody, making us fall asleep with you safe and secure in my arms.