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    So let me and us begin. Can we define LOVE ;specially in this era #2020.
    People nowadays refer LOVE to what? SEX , RELATIONS and so on. Love is a feeling, emotion, mood, faith, loyality, and many more mixed stuff. I believe that love is just a thing which makes a person STRONG OR WEAK. Let me quote this “ LOVE IS LIKE SHARPNESS,IF ITS SHARP THEN WILL GO ALONG IF NOT THEN IT WONT WORK”.
    Before love everything seems to be normal less adventures more like a body without a soul in it,or you can say a flower without fragrance and After love everything seems more detailed powerfull mesmerised likely a body met soul and flower got its fragrance.
    Love is different for everyone in different ways sometimes its not love but the person who makes you strong or weak. Its like someone need space ,but they don’t need space they just want to get high on the moment of love.
    LOVE and HEARTBREAK can contain you totally or leave you hollow from inside .
    “MAYBE IT WAS LOVE/HEARTBREAK ,MAYBE I JUST WOKE UP” : being in love will take you at your peeks will make you strong in every manner to love someone in every manner can make you go nuts which will last forever and ever making eachother happy, being in heartbreak shuts everything it shatters a place in your heart will always have a deep hole in it which reminds you everytime that you should think from your mind rather than heart which sometimes take wrong decision. It stays always with a person no matter how long.

    Love its like mesmerising or breath in your body,will heal it or break it all apart.
    ‘ cause one could still be the only one you need ,the one enough to make you feel breathe. It can show you daydream and nightmare in time’. Holding my all feeling for you and a long road of care love faith strength for someone.
    The bridge of love is everywhere you just need to walk through feel through.
    Makes you go wild or hide ; that it.
    Love will stuck in your dreams; looking at eachothers flaws and showcasing that flaws wont make your love less for other.
    It starts in strangest way which will take you the highs and the lows.
    Your head gets messy ,wanna run away from it but you stay.
    Love is like a open book but in different language which need to be learned. Love is in your head and blood it feels so good and hurts worst .
    Heard stories Love’s got angels and demons, just see it yourself.
    Love will make you walk out from darkness or take you to it.
    Every morning I wake up
    You’re beside me,breathing so loud drives me nuts makes me wonder whether I am consuming love or love consuming .
    The end comes to the person , love will go on some or other way we belong to it no matter it hurts you .
    Love can be a wrong turn with good person: or Love can be good turn with a worng person: or Love can be wrong turn with wrong person: Love can be good turn with good person
    “Believe me or not theirs a LIE in believe .”