• _raahi 55w


    You know yourself better than anyone else. You're aware of your own limitations. You're aware of your own potentials. You know about your own problems and you have your own solutions too to face them. You know about the social realities and you also understand the cultural and religious differences among the people. But still you compare yourself with others and deny to accept the real yourself. If you won't accept the real yourself then whom you're expecting to do so. Just to get the temperory pleasures you ignore the facts and choose bluffy emotions. You have ability to think by your own but still you choose to opt what others ask you to do. And at the end, as a very familiar behaviour, you always see the sadness in each face by neglecting all the optimistic thoughts you can have. Then you overthink on the incidents that didn't even happened to you and then you make yourself sad about it. And you're not even able to explain the cause of your extreme sadness to even your closed ones, and then you make your side clear by naming it as meloncholy.