• tripathipragya 20w

    *She fell asleep while thinking of him
    He too kissed her on cll the distances felt grim

    *He travelled the distances to take her away
    Maybe made for each other.. as they say

    *families relatives everyone was there
    All of them were blessing the love pair

    *He was the groom and she was the bride
    Being from different casts( the jaat and the brahmin) felt aside

    *The bride suddenly yawned felt something on her eyes
    And she rubbed them gently and hey she realized

    *She was dreaming of her wedding day like every night she did
    Happy 10 years of togetherness baby" a man was laying beside along with a kid

    *The man was the groom of her dreams and she was blushing with love and joy
    Mommy now stop dreaming you've got the man of your dreams said the little boy

    *Their casual relationship turned out as a great bond
    Their love was strong enough to travel the journey far long