• golden_metallics 72w

    Red I

    Connected- we were- by blood,
    Left me- you did- for love.

    I did not have anyone else on my side,
    After all I was only five.
    I remember waiting for your bus at the door,
    When I did not get my way I cried on the floor,
    You always helped me up when I was down,
    You succeeded to make me smile when I frowned.

    You and your lover bonded as one,
    Are you and your new family having fun?
    Selfish I know, you had to go-
    Could you have stayed when it was hard for me though?
    Raise your children like you raised me,
    "Always, always be the best you can be-
    Defend yourself, put up a fight,
    Even when I'm the only one standing by your side."
    After you said that you moved out of state,
    I guess being alone was written in my fate.
    Although sometimes we talk on the phone,
    Never again will we share the same home.