• the_hypnotised_cat 34w

    Quarantine Diaries.....

    After eight days of solitary life..
    Striving that path which I never wanna strive.. Stuck in a room with walls being my companion.
    Like an electron in inner shells attracted by a cation..
    I lived the life of those in distress..
    Felt the sufferings that they have to address.
    Realising the worth of having friends there.
    The unending chatters arising from no where.
    The aggression in the football field.
    Riding on bikes with no shield..
    Long walks with nature in solace..
    With soul finding peace in that place..

    With all these negatives there are positives too.
    I found the lost myself when there was nothing to do ...
    Once again I imagined traversing with the cosmos..
    Got lost in those theories which never erose..
    I now know what I always wanna be...
    Knowing my worth and being the true me..
    I fought with my own conscience firmly..
    Pushing my limits and moving sternly..
    I have heard that tough times are the best teachers..
    These seven days made me realize they are perfect preachers.
    We all complain that it's the time that we lack.
    We have enough really but we don't find the true track..
    Stress, distress, failure and sometimes fears..
    Makes us stubborn and we shed misty tears..
    Our conscience is adopted to behave that way..
    This is difficult is what our psycology say..
    We have to face each and every hurdle that comes..
    We are capable just have to be perfect bums..
    I am recovered now with new dreams and energy..
    My passion and my work now working in synergy...