I will try to be there for all of you by the help of my page. care, love, honesty❤for all of u

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  • positivity_in_us 74w

    Make sure that everything you do, gets your best. Anything you decide to take on reflects you. Life is all about making the small things count, making yourself happy is a huge part of life. And I know giving your best in any little thing you do, makes you happy. So, go for it.


  • positivity_in_us 74w

    Everything you do, do it with all that's there in you. It should reflect your personality. It should be your best shot. Because that is all what it is about. Doing what makes you happy and I know giving your best makes you happy. So, go for it.


  • positivity_in_us 102w

    Being mistreated, even for once, can do damage.
    And that damage needs a lot of extremely focused love and pampering to be showered on you,
    No one in the world really would give two fucks to know what your precious heart needs
    So step up and give yourself your missing time and pieces.

  • positivity_in_us 103w

    Some days I really feel like I have forgotten everything.. Everyone that hurt me. Everyone whom I hurt. And I feel like it's okay. It's okay because yes the pain is reducing. Right.
    I can't seem to forgive myself for giving myself so many reasons to not like myself, to allow people to make me feel that whatever I feel, do or believe in is invalid. And this inability to forget my battle with my own self leaves me in splits. How to cure it. How to say to myself that it was okay to be a fool and to be played on or it was okay to lose people whom I loved even though it wasn't my fault. How to get past the loss I gave myself.

  • positivity_in_us 103w

    I know we didn't write anything on each other's shirts that day
    Maybe we wanted to because isn't that something we always talked about
    Or maybe we didn't want to, because the pain had overcome the memories
    I do feel guilty for both of us
    To take away from us, the golden moments of friendship we deserved
    Hope someday, there comes a time
    When I can be back with all my words
    When I can have the longest message on your shirt
    And when I won't have to control myself from penning down my heart for you.
    Until then,
    I would pretend that I grew up the blankness
    Until then
    I would pretend that I don't fear if I will ever get to do it again.

  • positivity_in_us 106w

    "People change, you know? " He said.

    "I think I know that but I never wish it for anyone."

    "Why?". He asked.

    Because it is sad to fight with yourself. Your eyes can see and your heart can feel that except the face you loved to see smile, the eyes that once always spoke the truth for you, the hands you held for years, nothing is the same. But those feelings, they don't get me. They don't believe me. They don't leave me in peace. It's not that I am stubborn, it's just that I am shocked. It's just that my feelings are shook, because you actually love, that shit is real, and seeing that person's face, hearing them, feeling them around you, it is very hard to believe that this love is tainted. That it is just not. That this person is here but yet gone. How do you tell yourself something so hard to even imagine? I respect the word I heard and the path I took, but I would prefer being numb. Numb to all this logic and truths because it is so sad to fight for someone who is not even present.

  • positivity_in_us 106w

    Be a salt shaker.
    Shake away all that hurts you, troubles you, put your mind into doubt, makes you feel just not that good. Shake away all the irrelevant stuff bothering you. You need to learn that with time, you cannot take the risk of letting every emotion in.

  • positivity_in_us 107w

    Fuck it up now

    That knock on your door
    And the peek in your windows
    I made sure I was walking by you.
    Nothing much, just to make sure that you are there.

    That silence I wore
    The night we broke
    And the soothing words I said
    Were all there, to hide the truth.

    No one's fault, no one's crime
    I would have fucked it
    If it wasn't love,
    Wait, oh, is it love now

    Breathe me out ,
    Like you once fought for me
    Fearlessly, yeah that's the word
    How you get out of my embrace,
    And I won't stop now, oh I am already gone

    And that's okay
    Because there's only so much
    Only so much one can fight
    And oh I will smile,
    Like the way it's perfect

    Not hate and not love now
    Just a time
    I want back
    Not regret and not the best now
    Feel like fucking it up now.

  • positivity_in_us 107w

    So I have tried a million times
    What's different about this
    Well, there's one thing that's missing
    The invisible shadow of me.
    That won't follow now.

  • positivity_in_us 107w

    It's very important to choose the right people because often our hearts can't differenciate between them. Our minds can.
    It is important to choose, very wisely, to not let anyone feed on your mental peace and your emotional stability because no matter who the person is, it will never be worth it, to lose yourself for anyone.
    You won't have to lose anything of yours, for the right person, instead they will enrich you and guide you towards being more of yourself.
    Sometimes the devil can come up dressed as sunshine and the best you can do is not trust words, but see the actions, see where this person is taking you, which road are you on, when you are with that person and most importantly how do you feel about yourself with him or her.
    It is time to raise the bar.