i am from Canada . i have been writing for 31 years now..writing has been an escape for me..poetizer profile name is schizology

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  • porcupine 6h

    The moon October 18th 2021

    Tonight the moon is shining
    Maybe the night gives it a spark
    Like a smaller version of the sun
    To give light on us in the dark

  • porcupine 14h


    Endless ,
    Conspiracies ,
    What is wrong with the trees?
    Countless ,
    Suspicions ,
    Why aren't things still fun?
    Senseless ,
    Audacity ,
    Is this what it means to be free?
    Useless ,
    Conditions ,
    Why is nothing ever done?
    Shameless ,
    Intermittently ,
    Why is it so hard for them to see?
    Mindless ,
    Submissions ,
    What are they doing to the sun?
    Emotionless ,
    Subsequently ,
    Are we now not allowed to dream?
    Heartless ,
    Permissions ,
    Can we not make our own decisions?
    Congress ,
    Silently ,
    Should we all follow along blindly?
    Numerous ,
    Intermissions ,
    When do we get our vacations?

  • porcupine 17h

    And then comes the sun

    Early morning a soft light
    The clouds better make way
    Soon the sun will come up
    To bring light to everyone's day

  • porcupine 1d

    It seems time will not end

    The years gone by
    Seem to have no end
    The dreams I've had
    Are of you
    Still being my best friend

    The months drag on
    They seem to never stop
    One after another
    At this point
    I'm feeling the opposite of on top

    The weeks pile up
    I stopped counting now
    Seven days each
    Without you
    How I really don't know

    The days I've counted
    Three hundred sixty five
    Each seem frozen
    With you here
    Time would melt and thrive

    The hours , terrible
    The time slow like a worm
    That seem asleep
    With your help
    Time would wake I am sure

    Minutes not moving
    The clock is pointing down
    Like it has died
    Just say yes
    And that clock will turn around

    Seconds are not bad
    Because one day I know
    At any moment you
    Could come back
    And time will return to a normal flow

    I had this idea from listening to a song
    called 'Seemingly endless time'
    By Death Angel

  • porcupine 1d

    October 16th (last night)

    The moon is very bright
    He shines through the night
    And just over to his right
    There's a star with a quiet light

  • porcupine 1d

    A rainbow today

    Today my friend and I
    Had just went outside
    We walked to the backyard
    I looked up and surprise!

    The rain and sun combined
    Had started to form a rainbow
    I quickly turned on my camera
    And I snapped a few photos

  • porcupine 2d

    October 16th 2021

    When I awoke today
    The rain was heavy
    Throughout the day
    It was cold and messy

    Slowly it subsided
    The clouds broke up
    Then mid-afternoon
    The sun showed up

    Now it is the evening
    The air is quite cool
    It's feeling more like
    Winter will come soon

    Before we know it
    Snow will fall down
    The ground all white
    Covering the ground

  • porcupine 3d

    A love story

    He can see her in the distance
    He's captivated with no resistance
    The world goes quiet that moment
    No doubt that she is heaven sent
    He wants to scream at the clouds
    He wants to yell it out very loud
    He thinks that she is mesmerizing
    He can feel his body heat rising
    But as he walks toward her direction
    He gets scared with a nervous condition
    He trys to speak but remains very silent
    Wanting to avoid any embarrassment
    His words will not come out so easily
    Frustrated that he can't speak freely
    He knows just what he wants to say
    But nothing will come out anyway
    But just as he was about to give up
    The lady stumbles into his coffee cup
    And there it fell onto the ground
    Still so smitten as he looks around
    The woman is holding out her hand
    I'm so sorry , that wasn't my plan
    He sees she is holding some change
    And thought I must not act strange
    He sensed some sort of connection
    As they looked in each others direction
    No need ma'am , it was almost done
    He then said calmly , do you have to run?
    Her eyes sparkled that he could see
    He suggested they go for a coffee
    And with no hesitation she agreed
    He thought what a great day it will be
    They talked together for several hours
    And he stopped to buy her flowers
    They were married within two years
    And to this today they call each other dear

  • porcupine 3d


    P - Poetry is about discovering oneself
    O - Old or young poetry is for everyone
    E - Eons after we are gone , poetry will live on
    T - Teaches us stories , thoughts and real life
    R- Relates to many with similar feelings
    Y - You can write in any style, shape or form

  • porcupine 3d



    Eyes just like magnets
    The first time I seen you
    As my eyes gravitated
    And locked on them like glue


    Eyes are beautiful green
    Like the signs of spring
    Freckles on your cheeks
    Prettier than anything


    Lovely pupils so inviting
    It's so hard to look away
    If I try to turn my head
    Your energy tracks my brain


    Glances make me shiver
    Like a shock of electricity
    The power of your stare
    It captures me instantly


    Indirectly causing heat
    My brain goes on overload
    My body becomes all numb
    I completely lose all control

    A word I chose with the random feature
    Of my dictionary