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  • ponygirl913 104w

    Hanging printings on the wall
    Taped there for all
    To some it’s plain paper and random scribbles
    But to the writers eye
    They are motivation
    A reason to keep writing
    To keep thinking
    Keep expressing
    Each and every thought
    Until there isn’t anymore plain paper to write on
    To keep writing and motivating
    Even when continuing may seem impossible
    Knowing that even with the haters
    Even with the hundreds of people that may not agree with you
    There are a hundred more that find your writing relatable
    As if it was directed to them
    Things they needed to hear
    Motivation to keep going
    Knowing that your writing may
    Be the thing someone reads
    At the exact time they needed it
    That sticks with them in their head
    For hours

  • ponygirl913 104w

    Mi corazón permanece residido
    In the permanent home
    Nosotros construidos juntos
    For the two of us

  • ponygirl913 104w

    You tell me don’t cry
    Hold it in
    You’re not suppose to cry
    You have no reason to cry
    I don’t ever want to see you cry
    Hide emotion
    Hide feeling
    Hide pain
    Don’t let your pain filled tears
    Run from your eyes
    Or show the tear stained face you look at in the mirror
    Don’t show your feelings
    Don’t make your pain obvious
    Don’t let them know that you fell right
    Into their clawed trap of deceive and destroy

  • ponygirl913 104w

    A fairytale castle so close
    Inches away that it’s almost
    Reaching to my small hands
    But as I get older and as I mature
    I let my child side slip away
    A mistake done by me subconsciously
    And the fairytale castle began to dissipate
    Becoming a mere memory that’s locked within
    My childhood self

  • ponygirl913 110w

    One of the first poems I ever wrote dedicated to @jumpingbean1214 You’re stronger than anyone I know.

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    That girl that turned diabetic 
    Is a real trooper I see 
    She is like a killer shark within 
    She is stronger than an elephant 
    Nobody can bring her down
    She thought it was the end
    But it was just the beginning 
    Like a monkey starting a business 
    She rose to the top 
    That girl that turned diabetic 


  • ponygirl913 119w

    I’ll forever lighten your life up.
    I’ll forever follow you into the madness.
    I’ll forever love you.

    - Ponygirl913

    Hey Everyone!

    Hope you’re all having a good day/night.

    This poem is a Sestina. It’s written with 6 chosen ending words.

    Mine are:

    a - Madness
    b - house
    c - walls
    d - fourth
    e - Sprout
    f - Ms. Sky

    It’s written with the rhyme scheme.


    Let me know what you think.
    Title Suggestions?

    @poetrydelivery @shegram @whentherainfalls @writersnetwork @mirakee @john_solomon @truths_left_unspoken @binaryocean @jumpingbean1214 @virtually_real

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    Sadness, despair, depression, madness
    Are the words that entrap my mind when looking at the bland brown house.
    The one house with all grey walls.
    The one with the single tan car going back and fourth.
    The one where even when we exited our drought, no bright flowers began to sprout.
    The one that belongs to a dear Ms. Sky.

    My new job started normal, until I met my boss - Ms. Sky.
    After that the day was complete utter madness.
    Nothing still has yet to sprout.
    At Ms. Sky’s house.
    I was meant to be at her office first, but I ended up being fourth.
    Then at the end security intervened when I leaned against the freshly painted walls.

    After work I decided to try and talk more to Ms. Sky, and about more than just her Grey walls.
    My first step was going to the office party with Ms. Sky.
    We competed in the relay race and she got fourth.
    I had tried to talk to her during the bull madness.
    I concluded trying to talk to her was best done at my house.
    Cause I want casual talk not work talk to sprout.

    It’s been a week and I’ve learned her name “Sara”, and this morning orange flowers have begun to sprout.
    It’s been two weeks and I was walking outside and there’s pretty pink pebbles by the walls.
    It’s been 3 weeks and I’ve found a colorful gnome outside her house.
    It’s been 4 weeks and I no longer call her Ms. Sky.
    It’s been a month and we spent all day painting her walls a new color, which was quite messy and madness.
    It’s been a month and a half and Sara invited me to dinner with her family on the fourth.

    It’s been two months and me and Sara are going car shopping on the fourth.
    I think there’s a romance that is starting to sprout.
    Unless that’s just me and my madness.
    Sara seems to have a few walls
    To guard herself, she has everyone call her Ms. Sky.
    She won’t stay at my house.

    She told me her home used to be her parents house.
    She said he’s passed and no relatives have come fourth.
    That her mother’s maiden name was Ms. Sky.
    That after they passed depression had rapidly reared its head and negative thoughts had sprout.
    That she’d spend her days staring at her walls.
    So she didn’t paint them or change them, or add color cause it would create madness.

    It’s been 2 years of chaos, madness, adornment, and happiness in our colorful house.
    We’re adding some cuddles and cries in our walls as we expect a little girl on December fourth.
    It’s no longer the house that after a drought it wouldn’t sprout, and I don’t regret lighting it up, and jumping into the madness of Ms. Sky.

  • ponygirl913 121w

    Sparkled Simplicity

    I sit in silence as the room fills with people.
    People I know and people I've never seen.
    My Uncle Mael walking back and forth. As he keeps looking at the doors we came in.
    My Dad whispering to others while they "wailed" as he called it. Although I'm unsure what that means.
    My older brother sitting beside me as he keeps looking at me with concern.
    This older boy in a white coat. With this sad look on his face as he walks this way.
    This lady whose all dressed up in a fancy dress with golden shoes.
    Click. Click. Goes the metal of the ladies' shoes as they clashed with the grey tile.
    Bing. Bong. Goes the brown clock that hangs on the pale walls.
    Hum. Hum. Goes the vents that lay resting on the floor.
    Mumble. Grumble. Goes a fancy-dressed man as he silently stares at the fancy-dressed lady.

    What's going on here? A family gathering?

    I was once a very respected man.
    One of great importance and respect.
    But, what's happened tonight for which I can only fault myself.
    I can't continue to be that here tonight.
    All these people are greatly grief-stricken.
    Even those completely unaware as of yet.
    So that is why I shall remain forever indebted to this family.
    Catering to everyone. Even the smallest of children.

    What's going on here? A party?

    I'm not sure what to think here honestly.
    I mean. I'm numb I guess. Am I broken because of this?
    Probably not. I'm just not sad per se. Just worried.
    Addey seems virtually unaffected by this.
    She's probably blissfully unaware of what's happened.
    Even as the gurneys flood the hallways.
    I'm just concerned she'll catch on.
    Her remaining blissfully unaware is for the best.

    What's going on here? A movie?

    My dear Maddie how I hope you're not mad.
    I know that this isn't right nor wrong.
    It shouldn't have gone this way.
    I sh sh-should've been gone first.
    I can't bring you back here.
    I can't pick you up and carry you past the threshold of our house like I did when we were 20.
    I can't stay up until 12:30 helping you with your degree while we ate popcorn and watched The Notebook.
    I can promise you though. I'll watch Addey for you.
    I'll make sure someone truthful will carry her across the threshold of her house.
    I'll see she has memorable moments with all of us.
    I won't let her or anyone forget you.

    What's going on here? Why's everyone sad?

    They say grief and trauma change a person.
    Shapes who they are going forward.
    It was my car that caused this.
    My decision to wear these heels.
    My decision to tell Alec to speed up.
    My decision to tell Alec to run the red.
    My decision to swerve right. Everything was my decision.
    Therefore, I can’t decipher between what’s real and what’s not
    And I will spend years trying to save the only good part of me.
    I will make up for my decisions.
    And forever say sorry to Maddie Le.

    What's going on here? Why are we leaving?

    Riding back to the house.
    Everything looks so surreal.
    Like this is our life.
    Maddie used to be in this life.
    Maddie Le used to be a person, but now she isn't.
    And nobody around me seems to be aware of that.
    That just 4 hours ago
    Mael Watts's twin sister got hit at just 31.
    Andy Le's wife got hit with him unscathed.
    Braden Le is without a mother at just 16.
    Addey Le an Innocent 4-year-old lost her mother.
    And two people are plagued with guilt.
    And yet nobody in the world reacts.

    What's going on here? Why aren't we going home?

    Uncle Mael? Dad? Braden?

    "Where's Mommy at?”
    "Don't worry Addey she'll be back. You just go to sleep."

    Addey smiled before staring out the window.
    As she looked into sparkled simplicity.


  • ponygirl913 124w

    The story of Aya

    Have you ever heard the story of the young girl?
    Who ventured into the hospital after a life-changing mistake
    The girl who spends her days hiding the red lines on her arms and legs
    The young girl who proclaimed the perfect life
    Have you?
    I bet you haven’t
    Nobody heard mine
    Not a single soul

    My name is Aya
    And it’s been 1,460 days since I’ve been alone
    It’s been 1,095 days since I’ve been hurt
    And it’s been 730 days since I’ve been broken

    And this is my story
    The one nobody cared to listen to, and nobody cared to write

    A story of a young girl with brown hair up in a bun
    With the only worry being next week’s math test
    A story of a young girl who seemed she’d forever be in her awkward phase
    of the early teenage years

    The story of a girl with an annoying brother
    And worrisome parents
    The story of a girl with a poodle named Cocoa
    And a cat named mushu

    The story of a young girl with a great life
    But made one stupid, fast, misjudged decision
    That felt she had to prove to someone that she was grown up
    That she could handle the big stuff

    The story of a young girl who at just 12
    Became with child
    The story of a young girl who at just 12
    Was told to get married

    The story of a young girl
    Who would become a single parent
    The story of a young girl
    Who at 12 became without a home

    The story of a young girl
    Who at the age of 13 experienced the loss of her child
    The story of a young girl who ended up alone
    Without her newborn child

    The story of a young girl
    Who spent her days looking for edible berries in the forest
    The girl who spent her nights
    Lurking in the shadows staring at the home she once had that vaguely smelled of strawberries

    The girl who at the age of 14
    Diagnosed herself with depression
    The girl who at the age of 14
    Diagnosed herself with anxiety

    The girl who sheepishly tried to return home
    To only be scolded by her mother
    The girl who learned of the second loss in her family
    Her dear brother Evan

    The girl who watched the funeral in a distance
    So that nobody could hear her wailing cries
    So, nobody could feel the pressuring guilt that radiated off her, as her soul broke
    When she found out her brother had taken his life when she never came back home

    The story of a girl who forced herself into foster care
    Going house to house
    The girl who marked red lines on her arms
    To try and cope with the pain

    The story of a girl who at the age of 16
    Ran away from her home
    The story of a girl who
    Just couldn’t cope anymore

    The story of a girl who
    Ran to the lake once the clock struck two
    And jumped in not bothering or wanting to come up
    And not hearing the deafening cries of a young detective

    The story of a girl
    Who at the age of 16
    Was wheeled into the hospital doors
    With injures beyond repair
    And a slim will to live

    The story of Aya
    A 12 year old girl
    Who made one decision
    That caused years of suffering for many


  • ponygirl913 127w

    Various obstacles 
    Have set me back a few points
    I wasn’t prepared for this though 
    We multiply by microphone surprised at the statement uttered moments ago
    His time is valuable it does not take long to die
    Oh how true that statement was 
    Why hadn’t we listened 
    Assuming you own the adventure 
    Is a risky move to make
    Because weeks later and here we are now

    Earned and cemented by the blood that spread 
    When I look and listen 
    I can’t hold back the tears 
    They tried to fathom 
    To speak of the Infinite
    Strangely animated by the silent virtue of night 
    Dispatched in haste out of the sphere of silence 
    I still prefer to think of those words 
    Exposing a narrow escape for him 
    A man death took too soon 
    How are you still standing 
    Knowing the sole point of tomorrow 
    Was to see each other 
    How are you coherent 
    Knowing your Love was taken 
    Knowing a good man is gone 
    The touch of his skin would have seemed like a ghost
    Despite the formal words of the speaker 
    Prayers extended to the heavens 
    Cries strike with genuine pain
    You process enough knowing 
    The funeral is
    Just one point in a 
    Spiraling trail of missteps 
    And bleeding hearts 

  • ponygirl913 127w

    You hurt me 
    You bruised me 
    You belittled me 
    You tossed me aside
    You forgot about our anniversary 
    Not once but twice 
    You forgot my birthday 
    Not once not twice 
    But four times
    You disregarded our plans 
    And hung out with your boys 
    You let Shayla hang all over you
    Despite us being together 
    All your late nights at work 
    All your tired excuses 
    All your fakeouts 
    And make outs 
    Each and every time
    Each and every mistake 
    Each and every regret
    Is followed by a thousand sorrys 
    One after the other 
    1 sorry 
    2 sorrys 
    3 and them 
    Until It reaches an amount I can’t even count
    And despite the pain caused
    Despite the evident damage 
    I forgive you and say
    It’s ok
    It’s fine
    Just don’t do it again
    How stupid I was
    Such an idiot move
    I shouldn’t have forgave you
    I shouldn’t have moved on
    Especially after your sorrys 
    When I could see the look in your eyes 
    Sorry was just a word for you
     A word you could throw around when you knew you messed up
    A word you knew would make it okay
    That sadly is my fault 
    I looked past the fact of your repetitive abuse 
    I looked past your sorrys
    And I moved on 
    Sadly I didn’t remember the true reason of sorry 
    A promise 
    From you
    To never do it again
    And that right there should have been a red flag in my face 
    Because you always did it again
    If I had looked at the clues 
    If I had paid more attention 
    I would have realized you were lying straight to my face 
    And using the word sorry 
    As your easy cover-up