For the love of poetry��

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  • polate 2w


    I look at the stars, up the endless sky
    The tall trees and mountain valleys ,
    Grass because I want to keep the color so visible inside so that if I go blind I don't regret having sight

    I run whenever I get the chance to
    Run an errand I guess or for a jog
    Even when there's no need at all
    I run in case I never walk again.

    I write, I play the piano and make music
    I draw , cook and clean most of my time, I don't know when my time will come.
    I'm doing all these things to make it count if it happens I lose my hands.

    I sing at the top of my voice mostly when I'm taking a shower or all alone
    Or maybe when I'm simply drunk and wasted with my friends so we have a memory to look up to and smile always in rememberance

    I love doing all these things and like having fun while doing them...

  • polate 3w


    It's like my mind's in a different state
    I feel empty and my spirit so light
    As if I have nothing else to give or say
    All lost alone inside but calm outside

    It's as if the inner me has just vanished
    I'm nothing without with what I had
    I can't forget yesterday but I sure hope
    I never go back, I want to see tomorrow
    Even if I don't know what it brings

  • polate 3w


    It's hard to look at the sky and not notice
    The clouds or rainbow after rainstorms
    I on the other hand like living in this
    Moments where I go unnoticed
    It feels much better at times

  • polate 3w

    Painted sky

    I'm watching the painted sky
    As lightning travels back and forth
    Jumps along the heaviest of clouds
    Then with thunder the trees wrestle

    I am watching the painted sky
    While I recall the lost days of my youth
    It is all blurry with cloud; black and blue
    The sky now cries after a scene of light

    The thunder sings, scares the birds away
    So they stay in shelter, keep their calm
    The sky is but for everyone to share
    And with no wings I sit still and watch
    At the painted sky

    I am watching at the painted sky
    As droplets fall to ease the ground from
    Dirt; to wet rivers and add life in plants
    And all I have to do is watch while the leaves fly off one by one to dance with
    The wind to add paint in the sky...

  • polate 3w

    With You

    Even when my spirit is down
    Don't let my pain kill my trust
    When I'm down on my knees
    I still want to look at the sky

  • polate 4w


    Smile like those abandoned flowers
    They enjoy the light from the sun
    Where as they also miss the rain
    Smile like those abandoned flowers

  • polate 4w


    I want you to sing always
    Happy out of true love
    Our love is our guarantee
    Likewise I'll sing about but for you

    With melody we burn silence
    I'll fight for us two to be true
    So I'll keep loving you any type
    Of way till my eyes shut light...

  • polate 4w


    They all know about you but you don't know a bit about them

  • polate 4w


    One can make life a fantasy
    Open your eyes to the world

  • polate 5w


    Keep burning me and I'll be the steak you drool over so keenly