My soul is the writer. I'm the messenger

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  • poetwthcurls 45w


    I'm sorry. I'm trying to work through my trauma and abuse. Its much harder than I thought.

  • poetwthcurls 68w


    I'm alone and I'm scared it will stay that way.
    October 2, 2020

  • poetwthcurls 69w

    Pray tell

    It's amazing how our mind and heart heals
    The situations we were in
    The pain we felt
    Is no longer significant to our being and we can no longer remember the bitter taste of hopelessness.
    Always choose happiness in the midst of the storm.
    It's the only emotion (you should choose to) that will last.

  • poetwthcurls 69w


    It's so easy to break and fall away

  • poetwthcurls 76w

    I love you

    I love you and it's the sensible kind of love.
    I love you and I don't need you to love me back

    I feel the vibes
    I feel butterflies when we collide but we've never touched.

    We met and the feelings I had for you was finite
    It ruptured,
    then erupt cascading like a smooth sailing kite

    You were only supposed to be a notch on my belt
    Unaware of the bridge I built

    But the memory of lost lovers kept replaying in my mind's eye
    And I'm only left to reminsce about the love I feel in your presence


    But do you love me?

    I know attraction
    I know the electric vibrations of lust

    But do you love me?

    I doubt it matters because my love is sensible
    My love for you is real and you don't need to love me back.
    Maurice M.

  • poetwthcurls 78w


    Woven in the stitch of time; tis, the past, present and future.

  • poetwthcurls 78w

    Be your own savior

    "You have to forgive those who raised you and be responsible for your own growth and wisdom."


  • poetwthcurls 79w


    How can I be happy in times of distress?


  • poetwthcurls 81w


    I'm okay, but something is missing
    It's so detrimental
    To not dream

    To not fantasize
    About a not so perfect existence
    But perfect for me
    I want to dream about your warm eyes
    Your sweet smile

    Your strength that envelopes me in a cacoon of happiness and peace
    Isn't it too soon to obliterate my imagination? Unsupported by my reality but I need you to be real

    It is hope that makes it 'just' okay to be here when there is 'nothing' here.

    I'm a creative and it's okay to dream
    For this is where I really live
    Paint me Alice and Penelope.
    Dear God,
    I'm okay
    With living a dream.

  • poetwthcurls 81w

    Publishing this because I need it to be documented. #develop

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    Create o Potter
    Of Clay
    Fashion in the shades of brown
    A people of valor and strength
    Of love's gold and unity
    Whisper gentle.
    Trees of greens
    And oceans of dreams