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  • poetshrutiwrites 1w

    What I learned from COVID

    -Which connections are actually strong
    - the worst behaviour of people closest to me
    - my worst thoughts and fears
    - what it's like to live in isolation
    - hearing horrible news today yet trying to live my life
    - rethinking all my social life

  • poetshrutiwrites 1w


    Too tired to work,
    Too tired to see,
    All the things that I could be,
    I felt everything but happy.

    Wanted to cry,
    But the eyes wouldn't shed a tear,
    Couldn't breathe out loud,
    The body was filled with fierce fear.

    Struggling to find a way out,
    Do something that's right,
    Not screw up thinking about my thoughts,
    And sleeping sleepless nights.

  • poetshrutiwrites 2w

    Snowy days

    When the clouds do not know how to cry,
    And their so numb of their emotions,
    Hailing would cause a ruckus,
    But they need to let the emotions flow,
    It needs to snow.

  • poetshrutiwrites 2w

    Broken but beautiful

    I'm broken pieces of glass,
    Joined to create a body,
    Sensitive as a mimosa leaf,
    Closing up if bothered,
    With eyes teary and cloudy.

    Sometimes as reactive as the fire,
    Flickering when I feel an attack,
    Or as still as a tree,
    Which helps everyone,
    But feels like a nobody.

    I may feel I'm broken,
    But I'm beautiful,
    I hide but I'm powerful,
    I'm tired but hopeful,
    I'm impulsive but thoughtful,
    I'm broken,
    But I'm beautiful.

  • poetshrutiwrites 2w

    Helping someone when you're helpless is like pouring tea from an empty cup and thinking that others got tea.

  • poetshrutiwrites 3w


    I may break down over something that's seems small, or something normal. Because normal for me in the past would have been a threatening situation. Sometimes a small argument is equivalent to seeing a horror movie, since the fear is debilitating. Horrifying scenes start playing as if they were happening right now. And if they did happen in the past, it would still feel real in the moment.

  • poetshrutiwrites 3w

    My Broken Mind

    I blamed myself,
    For problems that weren't mine,
    Picked up emotions,
    That felt right at the time.

    Deep thinker they said,
    In reality it was trauma,
    Turbulent drama,
    Emotions on extremes,
    That were felt.

    I often question myself,
    Whether I wanted to be "this way",
    In reality I didn't know who I was,
    Because survival mode had taken over my days.

    If I had spared myself,
    From the self- blame I put,
    My brain wouldn't have felt so crooked,
    And misunderstood,
    My mind has a mind of its own,
    Catastrophises my life ahead,
    Not leaving any possibility overlooked.

  • poetshrutiwrites 3w

    When I Travel

    I can breathe when I travel,
    My real self unravels,
    Like a little girl from the stories we used to read,
    A little girl hiding in a cavern,
    Waiting to be freed from the monsters.

    New places yet to be discovered,
    I see them from the window of the plane sometimes,
    At 13000 feet when the plane hovered,
    Over those many places to be uncovered.

  • poetshrutiwrites 6w

    It's so funny

    Depression is so funny,
    Sleeping alot but still tired,
    You think about nothing,
    But it feels just like,
    All your neurons are firing.

    It's funny that 280 million people on Earth,
    Experience the same thing together,
    Yet feel so alone,
    Self worth as light as a feather.

    Craving your morning tea,
    But lack energy to make the water boil,
    Weighing yourself down,
    Then feeling like a burden to others,
    Wanting to talk,
    Then afraid of feeling better.

    Some may relate ,some may not,
    So be kind to those with depression,
    Sometimes their mind is a knot,
    And they're on an emotional rollercoaster alot,
    So be kind,
    Be kind without a second thought.

  • poetshrutiwrites 6w

    You can break free from,
    Constraints you put upon yourself,
    Experience tranquil and peace,
    Life will be at ease,
    I just want to tell myself,
    That for breaking free,
    I have the control,
    And for this lock, I have the keys.
    Just need to find them.