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  • poetryporn 153w

    My life

    Didn't you say you love me?
    A promise broken. You say. I will never leave you.
    Did you see how our story ends.
    My love is not a joke.
    My feelings are not to be played with.
    A heart that's broken can never be mended.
    Just remember. You left a scar. Deeper than the oceans.
    I wish there is a medicine. A remedy for this nightmare.
    You said. I love you. But did you didn't mean it.
    I tried. But what could I do. Fate didn't want us to be together.
    You said. Let's take break up.
    There was no stopping you. Does it have to be like this?
    Life so short.
    I saw my future with you. Sad that you didn't.
    Did I treat you that bad?
    At least you could have said. Never would I mind.
    Everyone makes mistakes.
    Did you give me a chance to mend them?

  • poetryporn 154w


    Have you seen the world through my eyes?
    Where mermaids talk and Pegasus flies.
    A place where broken hearts don't exist.
    Filled with love and joy.
    A land where humans can breathe underwater.
    A place without pollution.
    Divine beauty. I admire.
    A place where humans fly.
    Houses of clouds and trees.
    The moon so close, I could touch it.
    The moon with it's light, makes everything pure.
    A place of magic. Ice and fire. Wind and water.
    Genie's to grant wishes. 3 for each.
    A place to relax. No school. No job.
    Under the moon, counting the stars.
    My world. My fantasies.

  • poetryporn 154w

    Feelings Deep

    I walked down the busy road with my head faced down.
    People's wishpered when they saw me. It haunted me.
    I tried to ignore it all, but it got to me every time.
    It cut my heart so deep. I couldn't feel the pain.
    I walked as tears fell down my cheeks.
    I knew they will see it.
    I just couldn't hold it in.
    I reached to my hiding cave which they call home.
    Banged the door and jumped on the bed as shrieks came out.
    My life turned upside down.
    That one mistake changed my whole life.
    I took a blade to end my life.
    I thought. What about the people who cares about me?
    Is this the way things should end?
    I threw the blade away.
    I stood up for myself.
    I stopped caring for haters.
    They just know rumours. Not the truth.
    I lived for the people who cares about me.
    Death isn't the only solution.