An effervescent soul striving to beam poetically in HIS light...perhaps you’ll relate.

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  • poetryly 3d

    Pic credit - Taken from an sneezerville article on Pinterest

    “Death, where is your victory?”
    “Death, where is your sting? “ (1Co 15:55 )
    Until it is asked👆🏽& “death is swallowed up forever” (1 Co 15:54) 👉🏽 an unexpected loss of a precious one can cause us to feel as if one life has become undone no matter how much time has past.

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    One weeped for joy one moment.
    Next belated laughter felt the
    stinging pain of loss

    A precious energy once so tightly
    entwined though out their lives

    vanished from their loving sight
    except in memories and pictures

    Feeling the pull of death
    snatching thread from a beloved sweater; causing their life to become practically unravel....

  • poetryly 4d

    Pic credit - Found on a Done Dreaming article on Pinterest, credit given to unknown artist.

    Taking a brief poetry break...

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    Writer Block’s
    devious cohorts
    are now blocking my cell
    or causing unexpected
    Mirakee’s glitches.

    Writer’s Block,
    it’s only a temporary
    set back by you until
    I’m freed agin from their
    (your) writing clutches!

  • poetryly 4d

    Not again! Not again! Yes it happen again
    actually not only just today. It happen other times before. So I try to stay in the habit of copying & past keeping drafts notes just in case but was lack following the procedure after I was finish🤦🏽

    What am I complaining about, you wonder? You know the familiar complaint, after you finally wrote than edit...repeatedly. Finally, you got the words just so right and somehow your your cell, the app, the slip of your hand....at the moment it doesn’t matter...you just know you lost everything you just written in the blink of eye and it poetry hurts🤕!
    I know I’m a poet in a rambling rant but actually it doesn’t matter...it just poetry stings when you lose anything...no matter if the write was brief or lengthy🥺

    So after MUCH strolling though past posts, I finally found this when it occurred before (at that time it was my fault). This time I couldn’t tell if it was my phone or an app glitch...it doesn’t’t matter it still hurts either way🤒

    My previous repost below with a slight change in time at the end. It’s still a true story except no drugs have been involved except in the writer’s comparable imagination.

    I haven’t written a prose in days,
    still recovering
    from the crack of what happen to
    my lined words on the page.

    I was a bit high strung from
    inhaling the joy of what I had written.
    Getting that familiar writer’s ink high
    when verses flows though the veins like
    paper cocaine.
    Don’t deny,
    you’ve partake of the stuff too,
    it’s a writer’s addiction.

    As a bonafide writing junkie,
    feening to post my scripted drug of choice,
    allowing fellow writerheads
    get a slight buzz as well.
    A second hand sniff of my poetry dust.

    Until I made a common word addict mistake,
    with just the slight slip of my finger,
    before I could even share


    Oh how it hurt!
    An involuntarily poetry detox
    causing my own pain with my word usage.

    So if today you heard
    a guttural cry on Mirakee,
    I’ll confess it was me,
    after I lost my fix!

    Hey, I haven’t had a real rant in ages...I was kinda waaay overdue😆

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    Not Again!

  • poetryly 4d

    #imemyselfc #writersbay
    Image credit - Bitmoji app

    She’s perceived less
    brilliance but only a selected
    few identify her comparable beauty

    She’s comparatively
    regarded to costume
    jewel...a bauble...a trinket
    not quite as valued

    Immeasurable times
    her shine been overlooked
    she isn’t a bonafide diamond,
    she’s borne from
    a different cut

    When her form of beauty
    is quite needed,
    how quickly they adorn her

    She readily Illuminate,
    as usual that’s just how
    she sparkles

    When her glow is not needed
    she’s thoughtlessly left
    in solidarity confinement

    Being easily dismissed
    time after time truly
    feels quite dimming even so
    she continually kept glowing

    Too long she erroneously
    believed her radiance was
    based on others opinion
    of her worth

    Until she finally started
    realizing she’s a veritable gem
    even though she’ll not
    valued as true diamond,

    She’s more liken to
    a Cubic Zirconia not rare
    yet still a bedazzling spectacle
    in her own right!

    To ALL the Cubic Zirconias who feeling underrated...NEVER FORGET....you’re a gemstone of a different cut!

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    They Shine!

    They readily Illuminate,
    as usual that’s just how
    they sparkles

    When their glow is not needed
    they’re thoughtlessly left
    in solidarity confinement

    Being easily dismissed
    time after time truly
    feels quite dimming even so
    they continually kept glowing

  • poetryly 1w

    Image credit - Bitmoji app

    #wod #paradox

    I’m paradoxical versing of one self
    in several poet pieces.

    My Zipply Rundown quote:
    “Im not entirely old
    but I’m definitely not young
    depending on your point of view’

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    I AM

    I’m emphatically

  • poetryly 1w

    Image credit - Bitmoji app

    #wod #paradox

    She scribble verses apparently with & without rhythmic rhyme or reason or in any “seemly” logic degree but evidently a few relate.

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    Her poetry;

  • poetryly 1w

    Pic credit - simonebyrne on DeviantArt
    found on Pinterest

    #wod #paradox

    Contradictory grief can be enlightening depressive and conflicting inspiringly!

    While wholeheartedly
    misplacing herself in mourning;
    she reluctantly discovered
    herself in healing.

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    her profound grief
    gradually became bittersweet.

    After losing two precious souls
    one in an unexpected death,
    one who expectedly left.

    In the consistent lengthy process
    of mourning she inconsistently
    shorten herself grieving.

    She’ll eventually recover
    and change while momentarily
    never being the same.

    While wholeheartedly
    misplacing herself in mourning;
    she reluctantly discovered
    herself in healing.

  • poetryly 1w

    Image credit - Bitmoji app
    Record cover photo given to right owner.
    Uploaded by Michelle Lyons on Pinterest

    Thanks Robert Hazard for writing such a FUN song for Cindy Lauper to put her free-spirited spin on it...it’s still a writing classic!

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    Hey Lauper,

    time after time
    just wanna rock
    their true colors
    with their verses
    & have fun too!

  • poetryly 1w

    Meme Image taken from YouTuber ShineThatLight73 but photo credit give n to original owner

    That above pic is taken from Sally’s Field iconic Oscar moment that’s been memed & repeated, fried dyed and laid to the side used so many times. Funny, I didn’t view when originally exclaimed. Ok, I’m kinda sorta kinda revealing my age (maybe😏) or you are revealing yours silently if you wondering Sally Who😆?

    Preface - Imagination about to run🏃🏽‍♀️in overdrive 🙇🏽‍♀️ Ok, you been warned if you must read on👇🏽

    If Mirakee decided to give me a writing award for my previous hyperbole post and for a few others of my corny comedy piffle during Covid. I would pull out my fancy BUT now three-size too small YET I would squeeze in it anyway and it would surprisingly fit fabulously 💃🏽 Hey😲, this is my imaginary write...if you want to continue attending shhh🤫on any negative thoughts.

    Back to my fantasy💭 when Mirakee surprisingly announces my name poetryly you have won!!! I’ll appear modestly but impressively shocked😱.

    As I stand at the podium with a few of my writing peeps & you in the audience (kidding😂, I know you were rooting for me all along).
    I would in that instance accept my win🏆 and join the Sally Oscar party, correction👉🏽 parody (spell-check I know what word I meant 🤦🏽) As I was saying💁🏽 imitating in Sally’s Oscar speech I would open my arms wide and scream instead

    You Get Me!
    You really Get Me!

    to the few still actually reading this imaginative ramble,
    really you following all of this😆?

    Like I said earlier,
    You Get Me!
    You really Get Me!
    Or Do you🤣 ?
    after reading all of that😉?

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    Parody Meme

  • poetryly 1w

    #hyperboles #wod

    Cartoon image credit - Disney’s Emperor’s New Groove

    Now if you remotely think this is funny or even twisted your mouth in a slight grin. Or if you rolled your eyes a bit🙄, ya’ll my kinda of writing peeps🥸

    Hey, just having some corny hyperboles writing fun😂 nothing more... nothing less,
    at least for now lol.

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    “Me - “Mirror Mirror, I’m SO old.

    Mirror - “ How old”?

    Me - “I stole from Father Time”