Collaborating the Essence of Words

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  • poetryconquers 3w

    #hindishyari #hindipoem #words.
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    "Mohabbat na maagne se milti hai aur na hi dhoodhne se milti hai
    Mohabbat to woh hoti hai jo muqaddar ne qismat mein likhi hoti hai"

  • poetryconquers 4w

    "the weirdest feeling is the feeling of not being loved back when all you have done is loved all your life"

  • poetryconquers 4w

    "having expectations in a relationship is natural just like the time you invest in building it, just like the love that grows with each passing day, but do not let these expectations question the dynamics of the relationship- asking ,what if falling short of these expectations will have a say ! Accept it and allow it to bring the best you are ready to give."

  • poetryconquers 5w

    The Storm of Love

    Your voice echoes in my ears like droplets of water on a window pane,
    Your conversations run like tapes in the theatre of my heart.
    Your name when discovered on my screen skips a beat of my heart,
    Yet, the storm of love hits like a hurricane.

  • poetryconquers 8w

    #For every Girl out there.
    Repost to the woman you are!
    #mirakeewritings #ownit

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    " come on , you girl!
    With oil parched on your hair,
    pimples on your cheeks,
    castraphobic dark circles under your eyes,
    and a burdened heart --
    you still are the QUEEN!!!!"

  • poetryconquers 8w


    My skin rattles on the sound of your footsteps leaving through the door;
    My bones tickle on the sound of laughter;
    My nerves shuffle on the success of your dreams,
    My eyelashes giggle through the racks of my eyes for the breath of life you take.

  • poetryconquers 9w

    "My heart is not sure whether it's broken or healed because it still cares about you"

  • poetryconquers 11w

    To Friends whom you lose in the journey called life,
    To Friends who you meet along the journey,
    To Friends who just pass by,
    To Friends who stay,
    To Friends who mean the world to you,
    To Friends who turn Family,
    To Friends whose friendship can't be defined,
    To Friends who make you, you.
    Happy Friendship Day.

  • poetryconquers 12w

    Hello Readers
    Just repost and let your friends know that you miss them.
    #wordsonmirakee .

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    "I miss you, friend".-

  • poetryconquers 14w

    " when you miss someone and you can't tell them, is life happening"-