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  • poetrybysaqib 51w

    so many hands picking up them pens
    not everyone knows,to write the where and whens
    my hand shaking to what i'm about to write
    i can't see whats written, smoke on my sight
    i hear harmonium in distance next door
    a hello in the rain or something more
    i wonder wonder to my coffee on that book
    is it the way i walk or they way she looked.

  • poetrybysaqib 66w

    Nothing feels better

    i miss you hard
    to my core and spine
    up up and away
    a glass of wine?
    brown of your eyes
    sun yellow warm
    you wake me up
    my loudest alarm

    to my dream I'm awake
    to tell you that i shake
    my fingers on your back
    dim lights red black
    my lips on your neck
    what i feel , o what the heck!?

    nothing feels better
    nothing feels better

  • poetrybysaqib 66w

    These lanterns

    these lanterns in my hand
    never promise my demand
    i wanted light in my way
    but the burn me anyway
    i wanted fireflies on my shoulder
    I'll be there with you,i told her

    you're water to my thirst
    on my little taste buds,
    you were flowing in my
    in my dark mere blood

    i could still hear your voice
    when I'm talking to myself,
    little faded is your name
    written on my bed shelf.


  • poetrybysaqib 69w

    a tickle on the left a tickle on the right
    those stars in you, and the way they fight
    i could break my heart for you in pieces
    sadness is a feeling your heart it teases
    just to get back to the top i love to fall
    to fly up so high get below them all
    you can't fly unless you fall in trust
    to meet you on shore first drown i must

  • poetrybysaqib 69w

    Dust to sand

    I'll breathe you down on puff my lungs
    your body a language ,to the tip of my tongue
    I'll speak you deep, everywhere i go
    when to stop or start how I'm supposed to know?
    I'll keep learning your neck on my lips so curved
    not all of it, just the part you served
    I'll write you with the best of hands
    till you're done like a book, from dust to sand.

  • poetrybysaqib 70w

    tune on a tune i listen to keep
    my mind in sense, or a goodnight sleep
    I'm with you all the time i guess i think
    leave me alone you wont let me blink
    making a story then turning to dust
    its easy to love it's funny to trust

  • poetrybysaqib 70w

    we were on a drive away from this
    my hand on your lips, you say it's a kiss
    lucky so lucky the air touching your hair
    I'm jealous in weird I want you near
    we stoped to nowhere we made our camp
    we sat on the grass a little to damp
    i made fire for the night and blankets around
    I'm looking at you and the fire sound
    i fell asleep living a dream i may have kept
    i woke up the moment i thought i slept
    no fire no land just my bedroom
    no name of you no perfume

  • poetrybysaqib 71w

    dinning table in dim to lights
    candle oh candle stop burning bright
    shhh i hear and feel a feet below
    teasing me to the wild wait wait hello?!
    stop or I'll forget we are around
    tell me to the eyes my pulses round
    check on my nerves have they burst
    blood or love I'm pumping thirst
    i see you blur through my glass sure
    i could drink you to your very core

  • poetrybysaqib 71w

    I'm just a shooting star, dying in love
    people look and wish, i fade above
    my life to them ,just three two one
    you see, i am, one in a billion

  • poetrybysaqib 72w

    I'm sitting below a tree
    writing to you so calm so free

    a pen of senses writing it all
    you left me no paper
    i'm writing on alcohol

    cause water's not enough
    for you to look it up
    I'll write your name
    till clouds of heaven
    tell me the same