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  • poetry_oleilah 1w

    Love Story

    You're my epic love story
    Of that, there is no doubt,
    And I got so caught up in the feeling,
    I so wanted my happy ending
    I broke my own heart forgetting
    I was destined for a tragedy.

    ©Leilah Eirynne

  • poetry_oleilah 1w


    I find my salvation
    At the bottom of a bottle
    Because that's who I am.
    I try to pretend
    to be someone better
    But I'm not fooling anyone.
    I'm so goddamn sorry
    That I'm not good enough
    I'm nothing that matters
    And I never will be.
    I'm my father's daughter
    And that's all I'll ever be.

  • poetry_oleilah 2w

    I wish I could do for you
    All that you do for me.
    I wish I was the safe place
    That lets you to breathe.
    I wish mine was the touch you need
    And my kiss made you weak in the knees.
    I wish I could give you that peace.
    More than anything I wish
    That for you, it was me.

    ©Leilah Eirynne

  • poetry_oleilah 3w


    Everything about you
    Shines like gold.
    You're unbelievable,
    Too good to be true.
    I never thought I'd know
    Someone like you.
    From your eyes to your smile,
    From you're mind to your heart,
    You make everything better
    Just being who you are.
    I wish you could see it,
    I wish you knew,
    The lies in your mirror
    Are so far from the truth.
    You're a breath of fresh air.
    You're the warmth of the sun.
    I've never been so awed,
    Not by anyone.
    I wish you could see it;
    See you the way I see you.
    See how amazing you are
    In everything that you do.

    ©Leilah Eirynne

  • poetry_oleilah 4w


    When the world is on my shoulders
    And I find it hard to breath,
    You are the oxygen I need.
    When there is no light
    at the end of my tunnel
    You make the darkness feel like home.
    You are the happiness so rarely seen.
    My happy place. My smile. My peace.
    Things I never thought a person could be.
    A breath of fresh air, my favorite teddy bear.
    You are the safe place I created in my dreams.
    Because of you, I'm okay with me.

  • poetry_oleilah 10w

    My Truth

    I'm no one's happy ending
    I'm no one's dream come true
    I'm nothing more than what I am
    A temporary love, a momentary use

    ©Leilah Eirynne

  • poetry_oleilah 10w

    Goodbye, my love

    Every single inch of me
    Will forever belong to you.
    I know you don't want it
    But there's nothing I can do.
    I can never try again,
    I don't want someone new,
    When my heart beats it's last
    I'll be dreaming of you.
    My eyes are closing now
    The darkness creeping in.
    Go and find your happiness,
    I'll never bother you again.

    ©Leilah Eirynne

  • poetry_oleilah 14w

    I Hate

    I hate myself for not being enough,
    for not being what you need.
    I hate myself for thinking I could be.
    I hate myself for losing you,
    and because I made you leave.
    I hate that you're always on my mind
    and I hate that I can't sleep.
    I hate myself for everything,
    for being so damn weak,
    for you not loving me,
    for the tears that I can't keep.
    I hate myself because you left me
    and it was so damn easy.
    I hate that I don't hate you,
    I hate everything about me.

    ©Leilah Eirynne

  • poetry_oleilah 15w


    You told me I mattered and showed me I didn't.
    Over and over, I fell for your words
    and overlooked your actions.
    You made promises without any care
    and you left me standing here without any air.
    You threw me away like yesterday's garbage,
    Spoke lie after lie but said you were honest.
    I gave you everything, but you didn't want it.
    I'm left with nothing, used and discarded.

    @Leilah Eirynne

  • poetry_oleilah 16w

    Not Enough

    I'd give you every single piece of me;
    My smile, my soul, my spirit.
    My heart is already in your hands,
    But I'm afraid you don't want it.

    It's okay. I understand.
    I'm not enough to hold you.
    You deserve so much more than me,
    And I've always known that truth.

    Not even the magic of the stars above
    Can make me more than I am,
    Nor can they make you fall in love
    No matter how much I need you.

    ©Leilah Eirynne