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  • poetry_fromheart 19w


    You give me strength
    You give me power
    You give me everything
    Whatever I desire

    You make me happy
    You make me proud
    You make me stand
    Out of the crowd

    You taught me patience
    You taught me perseverance
    You taught me how
    To make a difference

    You helped me grow
    You helped me achieve
    You helped me control
    My little mischief

    I may irritate
    I may annoy
    But I’ll be always
    Your “Good boy”

    I am thankful
    I am grateful
    For coming into my life
    And making it wonderful

  • poetry_fromheart 19w

    Bus Stop

    Scorching heat of peak summer
    Waiting at bus stop in the corner
    Enthusiasm of first job vanished
    Monotonicity made him anguished

    Suddenly he felt a cool breeze
    For a second he almost freeze
    It felt like an oasis among the commotion
    Everything seems to move in slow motion

    Hesitantly he bent his head
    To search for one who had him dead
    Caught a glimpse through corner of his eyes
    Felt like she’s landed directly from paradise

    Awestrucked, his eyes followed her
    Started swaying along with her hair
    Instantaneously realized she was the one
    Mesmerized, the love has begun

    Before he could blink, she almost disappeared
    He ran after her, felt a little weird
    Boarded the wrong bus in the pursuit
    But everything was justified, for she was cute

    Their eyes crossed for a brief moment
    He went unnoticed by this gorgeous woman
    This was enough to give him delight
    As for him, this was love at first sight

  • poetry_fromheart 20w

    The Proposal

    Never imagined, how fast time would fly
    It feels like yesterday, when I was about to cry
    A years ago, same day we met under the sky
    Having to say a lot, I was a bit shy

    But it has to be done, before the final goodbye
    So I gained the courage, and gave it a try
    Asked you out, and waited for your reply
    With every passing second, I almost die

    Finally you said yes, my hopes were high
    Put my best dress, but I won’t lie
    The moment I saw you, I couldn’t blink my eye
    We took the cab, for the restaurant nearby

    Finished the food, I was still terrify
    How to say it, I couldn’t justify
    We took a stroll, for me to pacify
    Finally I broke down, I don’t know why

    Fear of losing you, made me patrify
    One years has passed, and I won’t deny
    Every day, my love for you amplify
    I’m still waiting for you, to be my moon pie


  • poetry_fromheart 20w

    She and He

    She was fierce
    Or she was fire
    She was the one
    whom everyone desire

    He was crazy
    Or he was cool
    But his heart
    Only she rule

    He would cry
    And she would console
    He was carefree
    Because she would control

    He loved her
    And always express
    She knows him
    And what to confess

    He always lives
    In his fantacy
    As she was there
    To bring reality

    Togather they were
    For years long
    Talking on and off
    But the bond was strong

    So finally today
    He wants to convey
    Without her around
    He wouldn't find his way

    He's always greateful
    To whatever she did
    And even sorry
    For all his mischief


  • poetry_fromheart 20w


    You may not be perfect
    but then who needs perfection if he has you..
    You may be a little annoying
    but then your sweet voice makes everything flew..
    You may get upset with me
    but then I love to cheer you..
    You may convince me to forget
    but then you're my happiness in pursuit..
    You may not talk to me for months
    but then your one "Hi" makes me renew..
    You may get worried about future
    but then I'll be always there for you..
    You may get worried about gaining weight
    but then who cares until you have that smile to put to..
    You may not be perfect
    but then who needs perfection if he has you.

    © poetry_from.heart