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  • poeticvibe99 5d

    Grateful to god who give me courage to continue even after constant failures

  • poeticvibe99 1w

    Beneath the pillow full of his tears
    In the bedroom of her heart
    She woke up loosing the fear
    Gaining confidence in his cart.

  • poeticvibe99 1w

    The ignorance ?

    You have a bad day & you need someone to speak
    You go to the person you were there for and now their absence makes you weak ?

    You start fuming and being angry
    You start thinking rather overthinking
    Your thoughts for them are bursting out
    You are unable to set yourself free

    They may genuinely have some issue
    Or may be they dont wanna address yours
    You weep your tears out with a tissue
    Thinking about the years gone

    The genuine ones will come back again
    The fake ones are meant to fly
    Its you who needs to handle pain
    Not just over think and cry

    Your care can sometimes be irritating
    You genuineness can be mis-used
    Best thing is carry your work
    Don't just fume or keep waiting

    Give them time give them space
    You focus on your goals like an Ace
    Try sorting yourself and your own mess
    Just try to be withing yourself

  • poeticvibe99 3w


    We all get up from the bed checking whatsapp
    How confusingly well we all are in the trap
    We need to change this habbit asap
    Our habbits we ourselves need to map

    Every morning we just go lazy as we wake
    Start it with habbit where your bed you make
    Why not get up early & push ourselves to trek
    Get up rearly exercise,watch sunrise by the lake

    Why are we so lethargic in our teenage ?
    Why do we trap ourselves in pressure called cage
    Why do we daily feel that we are on the same stage
    We need to gear up, its time to turn the page.

    The bubble we have built is to be burst soon
    Why don't we start exploring instead of being feeded via spoon
    All these answers rest within us
    We need to analyze them without creating fuss

    Procrastinating & fall short of the target
    We just want everything in a ready-made plate
    Keep growing and glowing spreading love not hate
    For all the love, charisma and enthusiasm open your hearts gate.

  • poeticvibe99 3w

    Fear or Dear ?

    As she started talking about "US" and the 2-am rooftop talks
    I started shivering with my previous friendzoned experiences
    As she started talking about mingled hands and besides beach walks
    I started sweating as i had went through these words which meant nothing

  • poeticvibe99 3w

    Understand the one who does Sugarcoat
    It will save you from sinking in your own Boat
    If that happens
    Even lifejacket will seem like Raincoat

  • poeticvibe99 5w

    Instead of expecting
    Try accepting
    This exception
    Will lead to self revolution.


  • poeticvibe99 6w

    Lost ship striving to find a path
    Movtivational dreams while having bath

    Confused where is it actually heading to
    Confused what is necessary to do

    Options creating dilemma & stress
    Choices creating mess

    Days flowing like that of a river
    The path seems clear but sometimes blur

    Starting your own paradise or a 9 to 6 work
    Unable to choose & feeling like jerk

    Not just my story, but many can relate
    Not just my confusion but many are in this state

    Wasting time or utilising the same
    Biggest enigma of this LIFE called game.

    Neither want to keep wasting my time
    Want to learn new things & not just rhyme

    The ROTI is just getting worse
    Is this a boon or a curse

    Finding answers as time passes by
    God give me the strength so that
    Different things I can try
    Different things I can try.

  • poeticvibe99 12w


    The salt named taunts
    Did fall,
    On my failure named bleeding skin
    Just to provoke me inside
    Making me desperate for that success ride.

  • poeticvibe99 13w

    I wish you could see it through my eyes
    Why is it tough to be so wise
    I wish you could see it through my eyes
    You betraying my love through constant lies

    I wish you could feel it with my heart
    Storing so many emotions in my cart
    I wish you could feel it with my heart
    The way you cheated & we broke apart