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  • poeticverse 61w

    Incomplete Love Story

    We came close yet the distance never deplete
    Our love story remained incomplete
    It is not necessary that sky always gets to meet the earth
    True love is that love which doesn't reach its destination
    Ther were colours, there was a glow
    When you were beside me
    The journey of quenching the thirst shall end soon
    Something which was incomplete will get completed soon
    The skies have bowed down, both the worlds have met
    Palnaquins are decorated, fragrances are spread everywhere
    Even God himself has come to witness

  • poeticverse 61w

    Strange Beauty

    The night is very lucky
    The one whom the whole world desires is close to me
    I have so much to say and yet I question
    Should I voice out what I've so often repeated in my heart?
    In your eyes there is a strange beauty
    Your breath is the wind that makes my heart soar like a kite
    The light emenating from you
    Make even the moonlight a pale shadow compared to you
    Your eyes cretaed such a tumult in my heart that
    All I wish for now is to drown in them

  • poeticverse 61w

    Unsaid things

    It is hard to describe this affliction
    I wonder to myself
    Does she belong to me ?
    We walk side by side but distance separates us
    Like two shores of the ocean that never meet
    She is near yet so far
    I cannot endure this yearning
    A wall of glass keeps us apart
    The slow sleepy flow of time has
    Silenced much of the sorrow here
    And many unsaid things are lost in the heart