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  • poeticlycan101 24w

    I have lived many lives
    And have died many times
    In a scary place i call my mind

  • poeticlycan101 24w

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    Such a vast world for such little minds

  • poeticlycan101 24w

    This Halloween im casting spells
    Summoning witches and werewolves in drag
    There'll demons carving up pumpkins
    With faces spooky enough to scare the ghosts
    Forget the candy forget the costumes
    This year we're bringing terror and gore

  • poeticlycan101 25w

    Down down down
    The hole she goes
    For all the words she said
    For those she falsely pushed in
    She has upset every God
    was rejected by every devil
    A soul filled with sins she can't pay for

  • poeticlycan101 27w

    The wind speaks of chaos
    Things that are troublesome
    Lie under the judging skies
    The earth heaving out burning sighs
    Hell must be awfully close

  • poeticlycan101 27w

    The best advice i was given
    Is the dark is no place to sit in
    That when the dark sets in
    To get up and start running
    To not stop til I see the sun again
    Darkness is a deadly friend

  • poeticlycan101 28w

    Its hard to say how I feel
    When hardly anything ever feels real
    All opinions thoughts and poems of mine
    Mean absolutely nothing to those online
    Just words scribbled randomly
    By someone riddled with anxiety
    There is no gun in my closet
    So another depressing poem I'll deposit
    Dark thoughts are creeping
    My brain wants to kill me
    I ignore it every day
    And resist the urge to do as it says
    I take a look at the world
    And see the chaos that has unfurled
    I can't even provide a decent planet
    To raise my own son in it
    To feel that weak and that small
    Really takes away it all
    The only hope I have to end the pain
    Is the drugs I put into my veins

  • poeticlycan101 29w

    From the heavens formed a soul
    Thunder claps and lightening strikes
    A patch to all of my holes
    From my tattered heart and soul alike

    Down, casted from the skies
    An angel falls into my arms
    Looking at me with blue eyes
    Filled with wonder and charm

    I reach out to hold my moon
    Hold my stars and my sun
    Arrived a minute before noon
    Is the one I call my son

  • poeticlycan101 29w

    My life has come to this
    My last cigarette as a final goodbye
    To the world I thought I knew
    all the masked faces
    To the shadows that lurks around every corner
    Taking one last look before I lock myself in
    At the only light this world gave me
    A pair of blue eyes looking up at me
    Now I must kiss them good night
    The hardest thing I've ever done
    Telling him stories of the things we'd do
    In the morning when he'd wake up
    Knowing he'll be the only one
    Now I hide in my room
    how different things could have been
    I close my eyes and count to three
    One...two...three and I'm no more.

  • poeticlycan101 30w

    Don't listen to the echoes
    For they'll mislead and confuse you
    All you need is a glimmer of hope
    And you'll have more light
    Than any fire will give you
    to navigate this deep cavernous world