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  • poeticallyhonest 146w

    "Time to Rebuild"

    It's amazing how my life seems to be easy to all who doesn't fit into my shoes
    What I bring to the table isn't enough to satisfy the soul, making it tight with no space, leaving me to still walk with pride even when I feel the bruise
    It ain't easy, trust me, the shit I do for the ones that love me, makes me lust me, cause only I know deep down why I fail my driven ambitions to help everyone else ride bus free
    Only I know I take that time to waitor every order of satisfactory taken, I take it to the kitchen and chef it up myself to make sure everyone day was hot but cool with no over flaming...bypassing the thought of myself not involving myself within this so called family tasting
    I sacrifice..... my trials and tribulations, my stand as a man and father figuration, I let no one see the struggles of pain and limitations, and still manage to show a smile through the change of precipitation
    I do this, I go through this, the risks I take to make sure all is great, still leaves the opposite eyes clueless, the risks I take to make sure all is great, make others reactions make me to look foolish, and yet the man I am makes me to know this but act as if I never knew this........
    Bringing me to wonder, how am I useful to be so useless, no where near incredible, how can I believe in 50/50 when the solution still leaves a decimal, how can I rely on the fruit of love when this is all looking so edible
    I know I'm incredible, just half the shit I do will complete the day of another, I'll be cherish like no other, and yet to still stand here taking this mental beating for the sake of my kids, is becoming a faded excuse when no longer feeling the effort to work things out with the mother
    It's like my heart is turning darker then the color, with everything always being so odd no matter how much i try to make it even, the anger from both sides with the back and forth preaching, my reason being due to the constant repeating, going through one ear and out the other, leaving the brain with no treatment
    It gets tiring, bringing misery to become inspiring, I don't deserve to keep thinking this is worth the try again, theres so many better jobs out there and I know I'm worth the hiring
    And I learned to release pressure when making a decision now compared to deciding then, cause I tend to can't breathe when I get ignited within, feeling it's time to walk away from the spreading of this fire and wind...
    Something I can no longer work with, too much personal shit to get hurt with, dealing with my life in general and putting up with her shit, that even one with the same size shoe won't take the risk to see if its worth the fit....realizing this won't work for shit, took me a while to see you can't make a house a home if the frame of the house ain't worth the bricks... it's time to rebuild!!!!!

  • poeticallyhonest 147w

    "What I Need"

    I need to speak to someone, anyone but not just anyone, I’m talking somebody but not just anybody with a body, I mean someone with a mind, one who knows, who’s experienced, one who can see beyond life, beyond death, in between the lines of both

    One who can provide the last laugh but takes nothing as a joke, I need to speak to someone cause right now I’m literally up in smoke, my mentality is broke, my body is breaking, my soul is awoke but yet my energy is aching

    I need someone to speak to, to hear out, to listen, to understand, I need someone who can go farther than humans just being a spec of dirt on dinosaurs land, I need someone who can explain that spec of dirt creating us through filtered sand, I need someone with an opened third eye engraved into their hand, grabbing my hand, shocking me to see the outcome of what’s to come, the outcome of where I stand, tell me why I’m always in a position to run, and the truth on why I never ran

    I need guidance and company, protection from what I feel is out to come for me, I need courage to continue in knowing everything will be ok, I need assurance of knowing there will be better days, i need the truth even if nothing could have been explained in better ways, I need confirmation that I’m not going crazy, that that’s just what the average will say

    I’m no longer looking for a miracle, I’m in search for the real shit, I’m talking info I can get killed with, it’s no longer considered a risk to those who no longer feels shit, especially when feeling death being the only thing left to deal with

    I’m in need of someone who can get into my mind, into my temple, the pyramid of this body I feel is being used as an example, as a sample, leaving me to be lifeless in a position for which I can’t handle, body dismantled, making me to turn from the memory of life into the melting of a candle

    I need help, but from whom, I’m not sure, but yet in searching for it then who would I be, I never believed in the aspect of needing more than a pair of eyes in order for me to see, cause relying on other eyes to help you find the truth only turns the truth out to be how I really never needed nobody!!!!!

  • poeticallyhonest 148w

    "I'm a Warrior"

    You know, my limits are limitless though I’m limited, but I still live life on a regular as if I forget the shit, but yet in all honesty I just don’t give a shit

    Not that I don’t care about me or my wellbeing, and not that I no longer believe in the hope for which I believe in, it’s just every time I turn around its the cause of a new reason, no matter how much I take care of myself, I’m always put to a test like new seasoning

    And yet I’m living, still moving, trying to bypass all that’s happening, but yet still losing....patience, life is too hard for one to consider it soothing, but then again what’s the sense of aiming to win when my health is stuck on losing

    Everything, everything is a reason for me to aim to win, living is the reason to forever keep this grin, cause if ever I continued to keep this doubtful side within, it like expecting a prayer to be answered without saying Amen

    It’s just impossible, my courage to keep pushing is unstoppable, I can’t see myself giving up even if I wasn’t operable cause the fact of still waking up every day, makes anything in life tolerable

    So I’m dealing with it, since I seem to be capable for the job, not a career I chose to live by, giving me every excuse to complain and sob, but I don’t, nothing about it will change, so I wont

    I wouldn’t be the man I am if I kept the feeling that life wasn’t worth it, I’m going through all types of problems, most of evilness to be cursed with, but I still managed to overcome any and all that I get hurt with, cause it takes a man to have respect, but a warrior to earn it
    And I’m warrior!!!!

  • poeticallyhonest 149w

    "Beautiful Space"

    I hopscotch on stars, as I roam from place to place, swing pass through Mars, as I speed in paste, ride around the ring of Jupiter, as if I had on skates, play dodgeball with asteroids, as I move with faith, all this done alone, surrounded by nothing but space, adjusting to this intergalactic lonely love but yet I feel I’m at place
    All to admire and yet with all to embrace, each step within no gravity with the meaning of leaving nothing to trace, each leap floating a peace of mind, with so much more to intake, and timing have no existence up here, bringing the taste for eternity up as an option, being I’m relying on heavens plate

     "Beautiful Space"

  • poeticallyhonest 150w

    "Man Up"

    All men falls back every now and then, knocked right back to step one again
    But I take it as a clue to separate my loss and my wins, separate my pros and my cons, my goods and my sins
    It sucks going back, but I take it as advice, so that this time 5 steps turns to 10 ahead in life, because I rather learn from my first mistake then to get knocked back twice
    But, sometimes you have to go backwards to see how to move forward, but how far back, is the question of four words, and depending on your effort, is the answer to those four words
    The famous saying "I’m never going back", is the downfall we’ve all heard, but understand even if it takes others to help push you forward, its ok, it’s called a "herd"
    You See, I rather support then to fall right back on the curb, I rather criticism then to fall rite back on my words
    I rather fall then to fall back cause at least I start where I stand, because in my eyes, if a boy keep falling back, it's cause he was never capable of being a man...And I Be Damn!!!!!

  • poeticallyhonest 152w

    "Lost Through Darkness"

    Everyday looking for a way out, leaves me to feel my chances are as small as a parasite
    Everyday finding no way out, as if my eyes were impaired to sight, but I never give up looking, thanks to this pair of sight
    One side pushing me to move on and the other preparing me to fight, no support but those 2 motivational movements, being the only pair I sight
    Nothing within my surroundings for me to compare in sight, heavy stress putting me at a 90 degree acute angle, bringing me down from being fair in height (Fahrenheit)
    Escape route, being the only way out if only I could see the clear in bright, but unfortunately this darkness has me impaired to light, only thoughts of thinking if this don’t take my life, then I’m scared I might.....please me see the light....

  • poeticallyhonest 152w

    "Self Advice"

    It hurts me to haunt me, that nothing is being done, but yet I understand your perception through an issue that only has you ready to run
    But yet not every problem is worth getting chased by, sometimes the only answer is the courage you get when finally standing up to face "WHY"
    And looking in your face, only dwells me to see the lie, showing you don’t care only shows you care when reading in between the lines
    Showing it doesn’t matter, only makes it to matter when having no choice but to live just to be alive
    Or someone to live for, eventually you realize losing patience only prepares you to gain more
    Not everyone gets that opportunity, let alone a choice, some might not even get an opinion, let alone long enough to hear a voice
    So who are you to sit there, as if no one else is fit to care, this war is only for you to declare, not I, cause if so then the outcome would have shown to be fair
    It haunts to hurt me, to see that nothing is getting done, knowing deep down something needs to be getting done, think about it, how can you not care enough to take care of yourself, but expect your kids to believe that you will take care of them.....

  • poeticallyhonest 152w

    "Lesson Learned"

    One thing that gets to me, is one overseeing the man I was meant to be, as if I use one hand to go deep within mentally, and the other to stop at a point where nothing else was meant to see

    My ending results are never to become an enemy, instead a friend to be, if ever love couldn’t over power a warm heart that was sent to me

    No one's perfect, but that doesn’t make them not worth it, it’s just sometimes what you think was the potion of love turned out to be the potion you were cursed with

    It's life, breathe full of challenges, every so often having to change my attire due to long mileages

    Paying homages, to those who seems to look at me different, but I’m no different instead just understood within a distance, excellence takes time though things can fuck up in an instant

    For instance, met someone with a life so gifted, took it to a level where we were so uplifted, shit happened to where I had to keep it as a friendship to only turn around and become the blame for something I never attempted

    It was never intentional, my life consist of being dimensional, far out in a galaxy where nobody else was meant to go

    Me being me is what I’m meant to show, words are words but mine are meant to glow, my problem was leaving out what was meant to know, now I’m stuck trying to keep together what was meant to grow

    No feelings lost, the downfall to this was me being the cause, not wishing to stop the game of love but at least to put it on pause, to only see the game was still playing the whole time....and I lost!!!!

  • poeticallyhonest 152w

    "Always Love You"

    You are the best blessing to ever come into my existence, love at first sight with you came about with the quickness, having you in my life is like an addiction, everytime I look at you I tend to get perfect vision
    You the reason why my life glistens without the sun, cause counting on you is worth knowing you are one to get shit done, I want to thank you for everything you have done, I appreciate you for the courage of turning me into what I've become
    I am thankful beyond thankful in being confident towards being with you everyday, the honor beyond honor in sticking by your side in everyway, you make every word worth what I say....these are my feelings...this is what I tell myself when I look into the mirror every single day!!!!

  • poeticallyhonest 152w

    "Mother Nature at Gun Point"

    I've been beaten, burnt, drowned, all in disguise, I've been shot, stabbed, buried all in disguise, I've been abused, cursed, and tortured all in disguise, and yet I still stood my ground, providing all that falls from the sky
    Now, I stand here, a bullet away from exposing all I disguised, my pain, my beauty, no longer being held captive inside, but yet it's said, that pain is beauty, but how is that a fact for one to decide
    I, gave it my all, many days and many nights I've cried, and those tears....those tears being the ingredients providing nutrients for all to survive
    And yeah, I've done my share of damages, I've taken my share of lives, but understand it was my job to do so, it was never for my pride
    Right along with the damages I've taken, how ppl have slowly been killing my life, no one takes the time to care bout that situation, but then wonder why I quake the earth with all my might
    I get tired to, just like you're tired to, but the question is..... proving your point in the mist of you aiming to point is only ruining the life of who?
    You See, I'm no stranger, I'm the mother to your nature, situations like this, to me, is nothing major, so you pulling that trigger is no harm to me but instead your climate in danger, help me to help you, a favor for a favor, because if I get shot then there will be no more later, I promise
    I'm just being honest, I refuse to stand here and have my life at risk but then again nor will I run, so at this point as you point, the choice lies within your finger.... either the world on my back.... or the city on your gun!!!!!
    "Choose Wisely"