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  • poetic_myth101 2d

    Forgiving Sins

    Little is the man who can trust while being in the dark
    And as he continues to think with his heart
    He becomes trapped in a life of wrongs
    Not knowing that with some logic he would of seen the truth
    And as he looks up with screams of request for God
    To forgive him for he has strayed from that path which was set before
    And as his hands are raised in surrender he request
    That God may bless him once again to find his path once more
    Knowing very well what he deserves
    Remembering all that he has broken all that he has hurt
    While his enemies await in the woods like wolves ready to kill its prey
    He cries of hatred for himself and of shame for his past
    While he isolates himself in pain knowing that this is the only punishment
    As he looks up knowing that in one day he'll be free
    And will face those wolves bit not as one but as a lion
    A new stronger person ready to make amends for his past

  • poetic_myth101 4w

    Crows Of Darkness

    Await in the shadows for here they come
    Taking the sinners one by one
    Leaving no task undone as the dead has won
    And claiming that this is their way of having fun

    They sing with joy in their voices but with despair in their hearts
    Their minds are foggy but working fast like darts
    People run but their dreams of escape are afar
    And as she looks their eyes, she sees the dark

    Crying have mercy for I am not what I seem
    And they laugh yelling you can't be redeemed
    For you are mine to keep
    And they cry for hope was the thing they had seen

    And as this continues it becomes the past
    And everyone speaks of it as a myth nothing more than a old rash
    As time returns to normal as if the world was recovering so fast
    As some wonder of the peace, the mercy of the world's cruelty would last

  • poetic_myth101 4w


    Death awaits at the end with his crows
    And as she keeps running with killer intentions as her bow
    She rethinks of him and how he gave her hope
    But in thinking she remembers just how death came and took him away
    They say we will all die but what if one can be immortal
    She thinks as everything she knows disappears with him
    And now there's a emptiness that dries even the tears that try to fall
    But she now thinks that deaths murder is her call
    As the crows speaks of the end of her tails
    And the ravens are ready to eat at her last moments of freedom
    She sees him no she's death as he takes her to where he took him
    Because in the end for to be with him her life had to rebegin
    As if it was all programmed as if she was just another person a sim

  • poetic_myth101 4w

    Forest Of Lessons

    Life's constantly moving like a train with endless tracks
    And for anyone to deny this would be to deny the facts
    But that doesn't mean that you should worry either
    Because your purpose is much higher
    So push tword the finish line as if life's your race to control
    And know that in the end your greatness you will hone
    And let the tone of your victorious voice roar
    Allowing Noone to take what is yours as you soar
    Remember lifes a never ending Rollercoaster
    So don't stop but keep going and enjoy the ride
    Because if you learn to do this happiness you'll find
    And never allow your wants to make you depressed
    They'll constantly come and go like people do in your highs and lows
    And don't let pride in as your victories come in rows
    But be greatful and loving to anyone and Praising God
    For how you carry yourself will depict just who is really your rod
    And these are just a couple of thing I was to foolish to do or see
    So please try and be what I couldn't be as with this you'll be better than me

  • poetic_myth101 5w


    Lifes short so you have to want to live it
    But everyday I wake up i have to stop
    Because everyday I realize from another day another what if
    And to be honest I don't give a shit but still I stop to think

    Telling myself that life's all about making it on your own
    Teaching myself what I could never understand as a kid
    Learning just how much I've grown
    And still I stop and just think

    Better to be a monster than fake a hero is what he tells himself in his mind
    Well atleast what I tell myself when I reject all those I once loved
    While I try to put my mark in my family as one of a kind
    And this is just another reason why I stop and sit on it to think

    Telling lies on to make me look like someone I'm not
    Just to keep people from wanting any truths
    And with these lies I put my real self in hole to rot
    But even when I do this I have to still stop and think

    Think of all the things that could of been in the end of my journeys trend
    As the doors of my stories close for a final goodbye in the dark
    I have to have stop the thinking and realize that my actions i must defend
    And know that I must pay for all my wrongs as I await the sharks

  • poetic_myth101 5w

    Wrecked Love

    You know I never thought we would be this
    And everyday I'm without you I feel imprisoned
    To lifes cruelty and I feel like a lost sheep
    And I know at the end of the day I should of listened

    But I was lost and I was so broken from my past
    Still even now I know I've messed up
    By letting my past determine who I am
    Please though have faith in who I can be before letting go of this cup

    You was always my hope for a brighter future
    My love for you was always the only thing keeping me going
    I could never have imagined of loosing you in this life
    So why stop that why stop the river of love we have from flowing

    I just thought i should let you know who you are to me
    I should let you know that when the stories set and done your my love
    That death could never take what my heart feels for you
    That you my love i see as my Lords greatest blessing to me from above

    So before you go know that I am always going to be here
    That in the end even if I leave this life my love for you will live on
    That no matter what only you and me can take that which we have made
    Baby know that nomatter what my love for you shines brighter than our own sun

  • poetic_myth101 24w

    Little Boy

    Somewhere inside me is a little boy
    And this little boy sits in a room dark,discrete hidden in pain
    And this little boy dreams of finding love like some dream of fame
    But a long time ago i witnessed the lies of this world
    And i watched as she suffered and as he died in the cold
    So i decided that i would take control
    and teach him to reject his dream and be bold
    For in this world the only survivors are the heartless, the cold or dull
    The ones who survive alone and always withhold
    Many may fear me and some may hate
    But protecting this little boy is my goal nomatter what i lose or gain
    Still occasionally i visit him and while he sits there crying and hoping to be set free
    I tell him stories of how love isnt the key but in protecting him love is what we'll one day redeem
    But still to this day i feel the dream within because of him
    And due this to the people i care for i cling
    And i hate it so i await my heartbroken future
    So that one day ill turn cold and survive
    The day love will be easier to hide from flee

  • poetic_myth101 24w

    Whats Wrong With Me

    Life is sometimes far to complicated to explain
    The wicked stay and the good die leaving us with pain
    Tears like waterfalls coming down wishing that the cycle would stop
    But in the end my hopes seem to always drop
    Family asking whats wrong not realizing that id rather suffer in the silence
    Knowing damn well that the war in my mind is becoming to violent
    Chasing love and begging for a forgotten purpose
    Slowing getting suicidal thoughts like pill doses
    I Remember of the times i watched my mom suffer
    I guess in the end even i can guess who ended being mentally tougher
    Not wanting others to know just how close i am to drowning
    Becuase in the end id rather die than succumb to my haters doubting
    They say you take what your given or better yet its what you make of it
    But even in my prayers even a fool could tell im ready to quit
    A dreamer who only dreams and hides behind a front
    Someone who flew to close to the sun and got burned
    Still it was fun im not gonna lie the parties the lies
    The dreams the struggles made a life now so lonely worth it
    Remembrrence of living with little hoping to make much
    Hoping to be the man knowing very well if you make to many mistakes your done
    Still i know who i am and ive become satified in my failures
    And through the lonely times ive grown to realize that in life its better to have others
    Because in this game of life it can be very subjective
    But even in this my fear of showing you what really goes on in my head and seeing me for my own perspective
    Is why i cut everyone i care about off most often
    Still theres a piece of me that clings on to hope that theres more than misery and lose
    And to this side i say i wish to one day kill you and show you just how everything you think is false
    So now you see the surface of whats wrong with me
    And i hope one day my happiness can be redeemed
    But somehow, somewhere it got lost through pains weeds
    And i dont know how for my life i know was mediocre normal
    But i lost someone, didnt do or saw something and in the end by that event happening i lost the happiness in me
    So i hope ypull underatand that this is why im distant,this is why in life i cant see

  • poetic_myth101 25w


    Life is,well a mysterious subject to discuss
    And id hate to have to throw death under a bus
    Vut damn is this really what fates brought
    He was cool and i bet that there was many inner battles he faught

    Wake up work and then play the game and complain
    See her smile fall inlove regain hope but this doesnt even remain
    Many are forgotten and the only ones tthat stay are tge greats
    Life is almost like a cartoon episode when you think of the days

    Ive praayed for death yet it leaves me to live long
    Ive been depressed lost hope and wondered what have i done wrong
    Dreamed dreams but still the nightmares come
    And walked down this long tunnel still without seeing the sun

    Motivational speeches saying keep pushing through the mark
    But now i sit waiting on death to take me up like dart
    Ive failed at everything ive tried
    Even when comes to peace or joy i can no longer find

    So await eagerly to see what happens next
    And no longer wish my life to be one to flex
    For i know all my wrongs and rights when i go
    Hoping to never experience a life so lonely a life so cold

  • poetic_myth101 28w

    Lord My Lord

    Time is of the essence
    And as it continues my faith becomes the only thing relevant
    And yet as I breathe as I talk I wonder of my own lifes relevance
    For as my works glorify what he who deserves more glory do I exist

    Or is it all just dream a worthless attempt at correcting ones wrongs
    Or is it that my faith must grow to one day reach the skys
    And that as it does in my troubles in my pain ill be just fine
    As my worries cry to my deaf ears like a song

    For my eyes are on him who is above all
    And my ears listen only for his glorious call
    With a destiny a purpose laid out like neat pavements on the streets
    I seek to be the man God has made me to be