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  • poetessangge 1w


    said that
    you want me
    to stay but then
    now, i see you with
    someone else, what happen?
    do you still remember love?
    our unending promises to each other–
    no leaving, we will be at the end
    but you broke it, continue with someone.

  • poetessangge 1w

    My Only Star

    Twinkle, twinkle little star
    now i found my only one
    you're my brighting shinning star
    my only love that I want
    twinkle, twinkle little star
    please, stay and love me back.

  • poetessangge 2w

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    Only you, love.

  • poetessangge 2w

    God is Good

    is good
    our life

  • poetessangge 2w

    Tired Mind

    My mind is like a clouded,
    Meanwhile, I was daydreaming
    And feel like I am empty.

  • poetessangge 2w

    Essence of Blessings

    In every battle that I encountered, I will always pray for you
    'Coz You are my great God who gives power to my weak soul
    You always give the best and never comparing us like a sou
    Even I am a sinner still, You never feel us like I'm a foul.

    What if trials of this life are Your mercies in disguise– You're reign.
    You always over flow us with your mighty blessings, how amazing.
    We always pray for peace, love, comfort, You're goodness, My Sovereign.
    And even life is full of mysteries, pain that make us challenging.

    When life hit to tests us, struggle are there– the darkness seems to win
    But I believe in You, prayer is my ultimate weapon, I pray.
    No matter what happen, I will do, You are with me, I'll maintain.
    I will fight, We will pray, I will prayed every single day– no! everyday.

    We cry in anger when we cannot feel You near, 'coz pain is there.
    Unending tears try to over flow us in the middle of the night.
    But You gave us hope, we pray to comfort us– guide us in everywhere.
    Trust is our key, pray is our actions, You're the only one of our light.

    And sometimes we doubt your goodness, we forgot you, we doubt your love
    Still, Your promises never failed, never forgot and never leave us.
    Because you want us to know You have a perfect time– yes, You have!
    You never change, You are awesome, powerful and trully God to us.

  • poetessangge 4w

    I am your...

    I am your lover
    but now I am the loser
    'Coz you choose her
    over me, the real one that you loved.

  • poetessangge 5w

    You are Worthy

    should be treated
    by love, even she
    have some imperfections.
    Always love yourself– best key.
    You are so precious like a gold.
    And remember your tears are rare, stop
    thinking you're alone, I am here for you.

  • poetessangge 6w

    The truth is....

    Not all problems
    are signs to give up,
    sometimes they are the key
    to enlighten you
    to make you grow
    and most of all
    to be best version of yourself.

  • poetessangge 7w

    Unknown Feeling

    I missed lovely days,
    the time that I am with them
    the time that I'm free.