A visual artist,writer/poet,mobile photographer and mariner in the making

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  • poet_tife 2d


    Who am I?
    A youngster broken by the Miasma of sorrow
    Filthy but full of rage for the rail of tomorrow
    They say I cuddle pile of dust
    They say my pale looking face glints of rust
    They say my life tells the tragic stories of Babel
    They say I'm a victim in the thorny fist of fate
    They see no human in the cloak of humanity I contain
    They make me feel dreadful and resentful
    They murder my thoughts and make me quiver
    They cast my dreams into the furnace like silver.

    I've broken through the mountains of my feelings
    And crushed the oaths of my weaknesses
    I've stepped into the oceans of my fear
    And mull over what triggered my curse
    I've paced every corners of my dreams
    And have found the scrolls of my path
    I've sailed through my NEVERLAND
    And have arrived with treasures from my voyage
    I've read the silence of my true self
    And will make sure my mutterings are heard.

    Because I look frail and scraggy
    They think I dont have a voice
    Because my wears looks all torn
    They think I don't have a choice
    Because my name sound obsolete
    They think it can't be an Autograph
    But I know who I am
    If at all i'm not the wealth that makes the wealthy
    I'm atleast the "peace of mind" that makes my clan healthy.
    I'm the joy of my mother, and the pride of my father!.

  • poet_tife 2w

    Either or not you believe in me, I'm gonna win.
    It isnt just a word,its BIGGER than it sounds!!!

  • poet_tife 3w


    Like a fierce rage chopping off the cliff
    And a free fall bashing through the dust
    Like the chirping birds in their nests above
    And sweeping ocean waves running towards you
    Can you breath at all amidst disgust, oops!
    In the igloo of ghosts
    In the lair of witches
    I hope you find the riches of the cave
    Before your weak soul bursts into the grave! ..your fear'
    Then you know it's your burden to bear

    I know it's tough to think
    But it's easier for feelings to shrink
    Love is a conundrum that alters the philosophy of peace
    You bear the pain and the pain and the pain
    You think you're wrong but it is that you're wronged!
    Enjoy the pain as you wriggle through the tunnel
    For its not death that you think of it
    It is death, as you're stuck in your own past
    Rain upon rain, moments upon moments
    Then you realize the true peace in the channel.

  • poet_tife 3w

    There was a time in my life that I wanted to fail, but failure rejected me.

  • poet_tife 3w

    I'm ALIVE, that is a sketch of hope!

  • poet_tife 3w


    I wanted to cry, but then I remembered tears means nothing to you.

  • poet_tife 3w


    Hello sweet, what do I say to the sweet sunny sun goddess?
    How do we say the pink-ish hibiscus calls the Bee?
    How does the moon stay with its focus up there?
    How does the lips lurks perfectly in there?
    How does the ocean tide never misses its paths?
    How does the earth never cease to breath?

    Hello sweet, how does the dose of true love never doze off the heart?
    How does those beautiful lips keeps refreshing goodies?
    How does the windy wind makes the trees claps?
    How does the deserts deserts the valiant men into the den of death?
    How does time keeps ticking in and away memories?

    Hello my sweet, till you find answers to this riddles then you know why I love you.

  • poet_tife 4w


    Because he could taste hell and tell its salinity
    Multitude concluded about his insanity
    His whole life is a stench made out of ferocity
    He could speak, yet not speak in the very voice of Those.
    His feet were loose like the rag in dust
    The sky knew his pain,
    He feels like he should crush the crust
    For his tears were nothing like the downpour of rain.

    He had no white lines for lust
    Emotions travels like the running train
    What does it feels like to be stuck by a pin?
    Not just the little pin, a rocky pin in the chest
    Oh! You thought he lost to the will of fate
    Eek! He thought he did too
    Life stares at him and whispered "come,my sweet boy".

  • poet_tife 4w

    I still breathe and i love how soft oxygen slips through my nostrils;its peaceful and it's a summary of life. I love the resounding rumble of thunder when it rains,I love the clanging cups when we "cheers",I love the smooth movement of the rushing wind,I love the scorching sun-it makes my scalp think of the night: I love how fresh the morning comes,i love the beautiful ray-filled room I see daily. I love the noise of gushing liquid in the stream. I love the merry cloud, I love the frameless moon,I love the hue -(ness) of the trees. I love the rocky rocks that remains steady even till December. I love the phosphenles smell that smears the cold night!
    I love breathing, I love thinking, I love painting, i love the amazing heart that births the art I live in... i love my purple blood that dwells in the heart of another... I love that awesome name that comes with the emoji of "in love".....

  • poet_tife 4w

    Just maybe if you hear them out, you won't judge them the way you did.