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  • poesybird 7w

    Posting this after realising my content is going down in vain��
    Do comment if you like it..
    #mirakee #writersnetwork #ceesreposts
    @writersnetwork @mirakeeworld

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    You leave
    But you don't stay gone
    Why do you linger
    Somewhere you don't want to stay at once
    Why do you do that?
    Leave and return again and again
    Abandon the things you claimed
    Why do you think it's okay to do both?
    Come back when you have an answer to both

  • poesybird 9w

    Happy Independence Day to all the mirakeans here! Hope your day is as bright as the Indian flag

  • poesybird 13w

    I will follow wherever you go
    Follow the lead of the stars
    The path of the magma
    Reaching the core of your heart
    And meet you in the other side of the Earth

  • poesybird 14w

    When you are full
    I am full
    We are a full moon
    For half of me is half of you

  • poesybird 15w

    The queen of Scots
    The queen of our hearts
    As bold as brass
    Ne'er did she fear thousands of enemies she had
    Conspired against, only for her to disdain the conspiracy
    Forbidden by her heart to rule half of Europe,
    A union of death
    The Scottish queen, now became queen of France, only to lose her romance,
    A loss beyond compare,
    The flower of her young heart, oh! because she was just a teenager, plucked to pieces
    Gathering herself and her duty, she proceeded to Scots
    To lead a life of motherhood
    Only to involve herself to the throne of England
    "One thing queens never have is happiness"
    Proved to be true, for, her to be beheaded.

    Long may she reign!

    This poem is dedicated to the former queen of Scots, Mary Stuart, who has a recognition in the Scottish history.
    Ps : thank you so much @ writersnetwork for the ❤️

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    Mary Stuart

  • poesybird 15w

    Dear childhood,
    I miss you! And every moment I spent. Each day adds to the years that has passed by. I can feel you slowly drifting away. I dearly want to relive you again and again. But you ain't a radio I can play on loop.
    I miss junior school. My childhood spirit was kinda shy. But I never missed on drawing competitions, story telling competitions and my favourite handwriting competition! But a lot happened when I started to enter the "childhood to young adult" phase. Now, I'm a complete different person. With a different mindset and future goals, there are tiny bits of you in them.
    I feel like my childhood was a lot different than this era's childhood. There were no cell phones and was pure innosence.
    I wish to be so naive and carefree you I was. Faked tears with water to get additional biscuits from mother. All the goals I set in your time, I promise to make you proud!

    A letter to my childhood!!
    #childhood #wod #ceesreposts
    @miraquill @writersnetwork❤️❤️
    Ps: thank you @writersnetwork for dropping a love here❤️

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    A letter to my childhood

  • poesybird 15w

    Blessed to have people who check up on me!!
    @_wanderwoven_ my little kitty kat��
    @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    Hi guys, thank you so much for checking up on me...I'm doing fine and soon I'll come up with a post..till then keep up with me..

  • poesybird 16w

    As a girl, I have been told often that I "look better without makeup". But according to me, I don't think it's nice of people to say that.

    "I wear makeup because I want to.
    I don't wear because I don't want to."

    This is something, to me, very personal. Why should I not wear makeup? We all want to be perfect, even though perfection does not exist. We all, at least want to be close to perfection. If wearing makeup makes one feel perfect, then they should wear it.

    People telling girls they look better without makeup is like telling someone, who's wearing a blue dress because it's their favourite colour, look better in a red dress. It's time for "those" people to stop passing these kinds of comment to girls. They need to realise that girls look perfect with or without makeup. Feeling secure and confident is the ultimate goal!


    Cheers to all the girls who think the same! And respect to the ones who don't agree to this��

    #makeup #confidence #ceesreposts
    @miraquill @writersnetwork

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  • poesybird 17w

    Lost in the midst of my train of thoughts,
    A clear vision into the Black sea
    Always wondered what's on the other side of the yellow mountains
    Devoted to the darkness, devoted to myself
    The fireflies in the blue sky seems like stars during daylight,
    How light are the dandelions, yet floating high
    The stuffed teddy bear beside me seems so steady
    Wish I was like it, steady and still.

    Better days are coming,
    Better days are coming,
    I have convinced myself
    To rise from my own ashes.


    Black sea: negativity
    Yellow mountains: happiness
    Blue sky and dandelions: hope

    #hope #happiness #ceesreposts
    @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    Rising from my own ashes

  • poesybird 17w

    Happy Birthday to my other half
    The one who has my whole heart
    My twin soul saver
    Never fails me with whatsoever
    The one whom I look upto
    And will forever keep looking upto him.

    Happy Birthday to my big brother,
    The one with whom I spent my entire life till now
    Never a moment alone,
    A strong shoulder to lean on
    The one who gives me the best advice out of all
    The one who has Always supported me with everything I ever wanted to do,
    Exchanged promises to stick with each other throughout our entire life and more.

    To talk about his passions would be less in words
    His highest potential still unknown to me
    Good to know that he trusts me with his mind
    His love for art, I know, will never lead him wrong but only success and happiness.
    Such kind and strong soul have I seen very less
    Can't help but only wonder will I be able to become like him one day?

    Happiest birthday to one hero in my life
    The one out of two men who will never break my heart
    But love me beyond any questions and c


    This post is dedicated to my brother whom I love so dearly ���� because it's his birthday today. He is not in mirakee but it won't stop he from posting 'bout him!!❤️

    #love #birthday #brothersister #ceesreposts
    @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    Happy Birthday to my big brother