Rejit Jyothinath. Moonchild. Flowerchild. Sapiosexual. Selenophile. Cheimonasphile. Mama Nature's favourite kid ❤

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  • poemsandcoffeeplease 109w

    The Goddess ✨

    You aren't the first one I called a goddess.
    You aren't going to be the last one either.
    There are lots of them, whom I meet and embrace in this journey. But most of the times, when you hear that word, " Goddess", I don't think you understand to what level I'm complimenting you on. It's a pity for me, when you think the magical word I whisper on your ears is all about your physical beauty. Indeed you're beautiful, but that's not exactly what I mean right there. When I compliment you "a goddess", that means I'm in awe of your inner beauty, your shining-like-a-diamond honesty, I'm in love with your divine supreme energy. I'm astounded by the real qualities of you, your personality not just your beautiful looks. I'm overwhelmed with your moments of exuberance, I'm amazed how a human being full of chaos and seasonal rainbows like me, can also have a deep conversation with another being of same vibrational frequency. You see, when I appreciate and adore your energy to an extent that I do not have words to justify them and I'm all teared up in happiness, that's much more important than me saying the three magical words of love.
    The day you understand this is the day you shall have your crown. The day you understand this is the day you fall in love with all your imperfections.
    You aren't the first one I called a goddess.
    You aren't going to be the last one either.


  • poemsandcoffeeplease 113w


    The demons inside you, eventually find its way to come visit you, one fine day.
    You would never know when or why and they would just appear out of nothingness and it stings.
    A chain of traumatic experiences from the past that pulls you into an oblivion of darkness, the fact that all of us had sunk in the blues of loneliness, the farcry of being heard, the farcry of being understood, the farcry of being loved.
    The day is quite as a raven waiting in the shadows, the night is louder than your thoughts.
    A rollercoaster of tenebrosity over the years in split seconds, the opaqueness of the mind leaving you numb and void.
    The demons inside you, eventually find its way to come visit you, one dark day.


  • poemsandcoffeeplease 123w


    Think about this day. It's a Friday night, you're back from your work, you're probably tired but you feel good that today after a long time you told everything that your heart wanted to, to a boss who belittled you every single time. You pour some wine for yourself, put on your favourite soothing music, lie down on your comfy couch. You checked your Instagram, you saw your friends are on a trip, carefree and living their life at its best. The next moment, you wake up all energetic and you're packing your bags. You have no idea where you're going to go, but you trust the journey. You believe the journey is more important than the destination and there you go. You took out your journal and you scribble, while the landscapes of different colours pass away. You start munching your favourite flavour of lays, because there isn't any trainer peeping on you. You see faces in this journey, the old wrinkled ones, the innocent ones, the mysterious ones, my-heart-just-melted ones.
    You love mountains, you're ready to hike. You meet someone, where you don't trade your name or anything related to you, you love their companionship in this journey, so you sail along, gypsy hearted, to the home of your spirit. You lie down in the bed of grass, watching starry nights, while your hands are being held cutely, by this unknown yet cute stranger. You get the signs from the universe, you go ahead and kiss him/her. You feel lighter, you feel solitude, you feel a burden being pushed away from your heart, you find yourself. The next morning, you leave a letter to this cute sleeping stranger again, bidding your adios, you go on with this journey.
    You click pictures, you eat the favourite cake of yours, you take a dip in the small yet crystal clear pond nearby the waterfall. You walk ahead with curiosity, you walk ahead till you're breathless, and then you find the mist on your face. You'd sit down nearby the waterfall, hearing birds chirp, embracing the nature, embracing this journey and be grateful. The night, you spent in a cottage of a local tribe, the morning view of sunrise is magical. You wouldn't want to go, but yet you leave. You go back to the usual life, with abundance of memories and lot of pictures to flaunt in Instagram, with your heart not heavy anymore but rather filled with nature inside you, you smirk and you blush thinking about the times you had. 3 years later, in a library, while you are busy sticking the old pictures of your journey in that journal of yours, you meet the cute stranger again. Your eyes twinkle, you smile, you get into the conversation with excitement. You'd check your phone, and it's a Friday night again.


  • poemsandcoffeeplease 126w


    The uncertainty is what push us for the infinite possibilities.


  • poemsandcoffeeplease 128w


    Imagine being oppressed, voiceless, dragged through the society's norms, pressurised, traumatised, for ages.
    Yet, like a Phoenix, they rise from the ashes,
    fights for their rights, fights for their equality, earns more than you, makes it a priority for their happiness, but also the people around them.
    Learn about this breed of warriors, this gender which portrays the default qualities in the name of love, in the name of sacrifice, in the name of patience, in the name of perseverance.
    A woman, who has swam in the abyss of darkness, yet fought all the way back to celebrate her inner divinity.
    A woman, who knows she is a sacred temple, every inch of her deserved to be loved, every corner of her soul to be explored.
    A woman, who knows she is magic, she is love and light, a stardust in a human form.
    A woman, who is moody and confusing, more of love than lust, more of night than a day, more of moon than sun, more of rain than sunlight, more of an art.
    A Goddess.


  • poemsandcoffeeplease 134w

    Tale of a Grandma

    Fall in love
    with the mind
    I said.
    Fall in love
    with the heart
    I say.
    Skin get older,
    you'd be toothless,
    lust dissipate,
    love ignite.
    hands on hands,
    fingers entwined,
    we smiled,
    lust dissipate,
    love ignite.
    he looked like
    a greek god on
    smelled like a
    pine tree in the morning,
    and freshly cut grass,
    in the twilight.
    We made love,
    by a waterfall,
    at the laundromat,
    in a jacuzzi,
    at a fruit orchard,
    in a hammock,
    at a pumpkin patch.
    I fell in love,
    with the language,
    that only our eyes knew,
    I whispered in his ears,
    when his skin, full of wrinkles,
    when his face couldn't
    recognise me,
    when his memory been
    taken away,
    I whispered in his ears,
    "I love you, to the moon
    and back,
    to the land of forevers".
    He smiled, smiled,
    to the arms of sleep,
    where he finally flew
    from the cage of
    to the land of fresh green,
    to the land of mighty whites.
    Fall in love
    with the mind
    I said.
    Fall in love
    with the heart
    I say.


  • poemsandcoffeeplease 135w


    Like a little kid enchanted by the stories his mom told him regarding the moon, how wolves lined up in the woods mesmerized to get the moonbathe, how 3am poets struggled to paraphrase the art with verses of love looking at the mighty lover of sun, I stood there astounded by the sight of you.
    Your eyes shine brighter than the little bracelet in your left hand, the thought of looking into your eyes where I could lose myself, doesn't scare me anymore. The master of your sea, this could be the one I'd happily drown into. My fingers would wander on that curly hair, which could smell like lavender or a misty winter morning, my eyes would wander on every inch of your skin to the deepest layers of your soul. That twilight when I saw you next to me, where my heart skipped a beat and I already was intoxicated by the sight of you.
    You're a wonderland I'd live in, happily ever after and you're a daydream fantasy of mine, in the verses I read.
    You're the sky full of stars, you're the cosmic dance. Out of all the universe that exists ever after, it will be in your arms the heaven exists.


  • poemsandcoffeeplease 136w


    One fine evening, she sat at the beach, in solitude to watch her chaos being swept to the sea. The sunset and beach was her favourite combo, her healing partner, where she lived, not just existed. She looked at the sea, abyss and deep, just like her hopes and thoughts. Life hasn't been all about rainbows and sunshine, yet she was sure about her love to this magical combination of the sea and the beach. A happy place, where she interacts with the mother nature, where there were zilch fake promises because she knew that this place and the vibrations surrounding it, however surreal, yet eternal. Amidst of all the footprints next to her, she knew deep inside that it was her, who sea loved the most everytime her feet was kissed, it was her, the sun dreamt to see once more, before vanishing to the nothingness. In that twilight, she found the bliss in losing her chaos and finding herself, again.


  • poemsandcoffeeplease 136w


    Flowers in my shirt on that rainy day, smells like you.


  • poemsandcoffeeplease 141w

    Be You

    When the eyes are blindfolded by the fake system, fake culture, fake unrealistic new world, all you could see is a world full of lies.
    Everyone is running the rat race to be better than each other, social media feeds and makes you fall in love with the most unrealistic things, put thoughts in your head regarding your financial status, lifestyle, health, colour of your skin, relationships.
    Running behind a new world, which strives on negativity, being depressive is the new cool thing, would ultimately make you the weakest.
    Your soul would stink, your aura stinks, your energy attracts more negativity. In the new world, you would meet a lot of people, who sees you being like minded, because the society has blindfolded us with nothing but lies. Your growth, spiritually, mentally will take a hit because deep inside, your subconscious mind is recording your patterns of agony, misery, pain and it doesn't know to differentiate what's true or what's not. The patterns has been created, and the universe inside you, provides you exactly what your thoughts and vibrations contains of, in the outer universe where we lives.
    Your thoughts become your reality, hence people struggle through pain, blaming others but not them, but what does your actions tell you? To feel validated in this new society, things that you do, takes a hit on your life, which affects your present and future.
    Be around people who push you further because they want to see the best in you.
    Be around people who motivates you, who contributes you to your spiritual growth, who thrives in your happiness, who doesn't give up on you because of your sexual orientation, your caste, your colour, your chaos.
    Be around with the people where you be yourself, where you feel home, where you laugh, where your confidence is sky high, where you don't have to pretend, where you don't have to fake, where you be yourself.
    Be you and the universe will make you understand how beautiful this journey could be. Be you.