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  • pnnnkssnishu 3w

    We mature with healings
    Not from the damages


  • pnnnkssnishu 5w

    You either say goodbye to the past,
    Or goodbye to the future


  • pnnnkssnishu 7w

    What if I don't wanna be a shoe
    What if I wanna be a hat

    ~Rachel Green (F.R.I.E.N.D.S)

  • pnnnkssnishu 8w

    Some people get cherished when they get to know that you came back,
    And turn sad when you tell them that you never actually left.

  • pnnnkssnishu 8w

    "You'll end up alone if you continue like this."

    Should I not be enough for myself?


  • pnnnkssnishu 8w

    DO NOT try talking sense into a man
    Walking in the middle of a busy highway
    With a death wish in his hands,
    Unless you're ready to bet your life on it.


  • pnnnkssnishu 8w

    Losing somebody who wasn't even yours to lose.


  • pnnnkssnishu 9w

    Being Good

    One doesn't have to stop being a good person, just because people have start taking advantage;
    He just have to remove the leeches, and continue with being good person.


  • pnnnkssnishu 13w


    The moment when you want to share a best thing that happened to you,
    But there's nobody to share with

  • pnnnkssnishu 14w

    You had the best route directions to my heart
    But chaos prevailed when you changed the destination.

    Courtesy: Google Maps