this beautiful thing called life ��

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  • platonia_maniac 4d

    All along I yearned
    To look at that smile
    Even when you didn't belong
    At moment after all those tears
    I realised
    You were never what I wanted you to be
    Instead were a part of my imagination
    Whom I wanted you to be
    If ever time heals
    This has to be
    Cause that smile that you have
    For everyone rather
    Didn't hurt when it
    Wasn't for me

  • platonia_maniac 4d

    Who is to blame
    For your departure
    This world didn't need
    You or so you thought
    This ashen leaves
    Flying away from its roots
    Finding solace yet threatened
    To misplace where it fears the most
    From beneath the night skies
    From twinkling stars and streams
    To be bound by blind beliefs
    The golden string waiting to be torn
    Those leaves appear deadly
    Awaiting to reach abode
    As demons were to burn their edges
    To fulfill those grudge, sealed beneath the smile
    The leaves decides to incinerate
    Only to make way for all those
    Whose hopes are the daily wage
    The breath too hard, heart too heavy
    And plight of a mighty mountain
    They carry on their sagged shoulder
    Shouldn't you be the ray
    They've never seen of
    To guide the path to something
    As simple as life itself
    To be stronger and bolder
    Yet you chose the other way

  • platonia_maniac 8w

    The birth bought with the trust
    Of leaves and love
    I find the branches shaking off leaves
    To leave me in complete distrust

  • platonia_maniac 15w

    Few things
    I wish
    U heard....

    That I love you
    I always loved you
    And forever be loving you

    It's just that
    I don't love you
    You know
    I just love the
    Idea of loving you
    The idea of you
    Being you

    The thought
    That your here
    As promised
    Yet I love the promise
    Of all those promises...

  • platonia_maniac 15w

    This time
    This love
    Those eyes
    And that smile
    Had me all along...

  • platonia_maniac 27w

    I wish sometimes it can be, me
    But turns out everytime it's me,
    Being alone is fine, aloof hurts
    Maybe fault lies in mine, I ponder..

  • platonia_maniac 30w

    It's a beautiful daylight
    Serene for the eyesight
    my heart goes somersault
    Skipping it's own beat
    Struggling to move front
    Confront the hardships
    Demons lurking in shadows
    Trying to get me into hollow
    The hollow that's empty
    Than the emptiness
    Breaking bones, ragged breath
    Is all I own at this night's sunset
    Fighting all alone
    To win is all I owe to myself

  • platonia_maniac 31w

    As I lay down my trembling body
    To set to rest and snooze everytime
    Waiting for the darkness to embrace
    And take me deeper into the dreams
    As I can't bear the loud noises echoing
    The house or can I call it home
    The shattered glass shatters me again
    Her loud shrieks piercing my heart pieces
    I pray to god to get my grandma here
    After all these years she's my antidote
    Whatever happens I shouldn't break
    I shouldn't break
    Grown up fight right! They do in mine
    As the nights drags , tears seems to cease
    I panic , breath fierce try crying once more
    For tears have been my solace
    They threaten to not fall
    And my heart seem to hurt less than more
    Now I'm just a stone
    Finally unbreakable
    I didn't break afterall
    Isn't it a good thing !!
    In my world it is...

  • platonia_maniac 31w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 6 word short tale on Inequality

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    Inequality takes piece of mind away

  • platonia_maniac 34w

    And then when you
    reach the point
    Of no return
    Your world, a hurricane
    And you a scarlet muse
    This pain so vain
    And scars so deep
    You need not break
    All you have to do is
    Let go...