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  • platipoem 1w

    Never trust someone so much that you hurt yourself later on !


  • platipoem 1w


    A writer who I used to be
    Is now lost in a world
    Where darkness rules
    And pain are valuable as gold !
    But I found my true self now
    The reality of the world I unfold !


  • platipoem 3w


    I never wished to be trusted
    Neither have I wished to trust others
    Cause once you start misjudging me
    Your insecurities to you is what bothers


  • platipoem 4w

    Here's why I don't believe in God :

    (Please don't take it personally, as I am just presenting my facts)

    So many of you may or maynot know i don't believe in God !
    Basically God, is that heavenly father who gives us the strength when we are weak, who forgives our sins, who helps us get over problems and also who gives us eternal rest and peace !

    My point are these :

    1) I don't believe cause I believe in myself. And I am the God of myself as no one else has control over me !

    2) If happiness and strength was given by Him, then this world would never ever have poor, greedy, criminals etc.

    3) To overcome problems I need to fight, praying can't help me out. Cause instead of praying and wasting that precious time. I can use that time to think of the solution !

    4) If God truly mad us then there should not be any confusion between God ! For example : A child born in a family will know his own blood and family later on when he's capable to understand.
    Then why are we even confused Who's are father? Who's our God? You say we're the children of God ! But why do we argue on religious matter ?

    These points made me an atheist and so I am very very sorry if I said something offensive but this is why I really am an theist ! So yeah... I shall now end this here by saying -
    "Never ever leave someone because of his/her not matching beliefs"

    Thankyou for reading


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  • platipoem 4w

    Here's why I donot believe in Zodiac :

    So according to the my Zodiac sign Pisces it says-

    "Pisces are very friendly, so they often find themselves in a company of very different people. Pisces are selfless, they are always willing to help others, without hoping to get anything back"


    So, maybe it's true or maybe not, now my character and Nature exactly replicates Aries, Libra and Sagittarius (kinda) doesn't mean I'm of that Zodiac signs. For better and Futher explanation read this :

    There was a boy, with a zodiac sign of Pisces, and well he grew up with bad people and bad friends and hence he became a murderer, killed two men and one small child !
    (Note : this is just a fictional story)

    Just wanted to tell you that, Zodiac signs doesn't determine who you are. It's actually determined by whom you learned from and what you implement on yourself ! Its your choice to choose the right or either wrong !

    Zodiac helps nothing 80% of my nature matches up with every zodiac sign, literally EVERY ZODIAC SIGN !

    So therefore I ended up not believing this ! I don't wanna argue in this matter so please I dont want any arguments as a response .

    Thankyou !


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  • platipoem 4w


    It sure happens one day or the other
    But try listening to the other side as well
    Maybe everything sorts out very well


  • platipoem 5w

    Many many happy returns of the day @dadiesprincess

    I am really sorry wishing you late, I would present no excuses cause it's your birthday and I should have wished you sooner !

    As a friend of mine, You've helped me alot by helping me in times of harships and sorrow. Like a mother you treated me with care and as a best friend you've always been supportive to me.

    Thanking you would be very very less cause the more I thank the lesser it feels for me.

    I donot know how to thank you for all you have done for me. And for that I would like to present you a small poem :

    Happy birthday dearest friend
    You never hesitated to lend me a hand
    Time may fly but I hope this friendship stays
    I wish I could make you happy in many ways
    Love isn't only between couples, it's wrong
    It can be shared among friends, can stay also very long
    My respect for you is totally unbound
    Cause a precious friend is what I've found
    Happiest birthday dearest friend
    Now it's time for me for me to give you my hand
    Let this friendship never end
    Cause with love and respect this Friendship was mend !

    Thankyou for all you have done for me !
    You deserve all the love and respect,
    Not only from me but also from everyone ��


    With Love

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    (Sorry for the late wish)

  • platipoem 5w

    There was a fake act Infront of the public, they put forth two scenarios and hence I came to a conclusion that society treats men and women differently !

    1) The first scenario (Man abusing woman) :

    Public went angry on the man and they even beaten him as he was abusing the woman (Note : it was all an act), the actor was beaten. And then this proves that yes public do care for women which is really a good thing. And I am proud of it.

    2) Second scenario (Woman abusing man) :

    Public were silent and secretly making video out of it and were enjoying the abusive nature of the woman! They were laughing and we're doing nothing, why ? Because it is funny ? Because they could make a meme out of it ?

    This two acts changed my way of living and thinking completely
    Everyone should be treated equal and should be given the equal treatment.

    Abuse is an abuse ! No matter if the woman is doing it or the man !

    As I said.. I am being completely biased! I support none.

    Wherever there is crime, stop it. Not make fun out of it.

    Thankyou for reading ��

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    Being completely biased

    Women are the backbone of this developing world
    But can also be the destruction of everything

    Women's Day is celebrated in order to thank the women
    But seeing also the darker side

    Some men do face problems because of women !


  • platipoem 6w

    My dearest mates, brothers, sisters, friends & family

    I, Platipoem (A.K.A Amrit/Plati), Thankyou all for the beautiful and lovely wish on this special day of mine, and it's my birthday.

    This post is gonna be long but I truly mean this alot !

    @dadiesprincess : Who calls me ammy/amrit/paglu, who was waiting for so long to wish me who counted each day �� Thankyou so much

    @rani_shri : my didi... Whom i got so attached with and I love my Didi alot and for her I'm baua. Which is as cute as her. Her charm made me fall in love with her. Best elder sister ��

    @sparkling_ : Who calls me blue alien cause i love the Colour blue �� and who helped me alot during my hardships.. everyone needs a friend like you

    @the_stori_ : I'm her Bhaiya and She's my behna. A pure lovely soul sister whom I'll never ever forget and why would I even forget her ? She's my love, my light and my luck �� having her in my life changed so much in me. I became a better brother !

    @misty_2004 : A naughty little sister always asking for 'bhabi'. And I sware to god that your naughtiness is out of this world and yet still I love you as you are my lovely sister �� I call you 'Jaan' for a big reason and you are! Thankyou is what you hate so i did this ������

    ------ As mirakee allows only 5 tags -------
    ------ Others will be on hashtags (sorry ��) --------

    #sanjay_kumr : This person (STAY AWAY FROM HIM) ��... just kidding.. but yeah he may look innocent but never fall for his attitude and looks... Looks are deceiving and yeah he's my brother as well ����

    #harshithsavath : A brother from another mother. I love him and he loves me.. all that i can say about him is he was a lost soul whom i kept with me and showed him the way of lights. And i love him alot ��

    #mumma : She's an angel.. a pure hearted soul. Crystal clear feelings and a person who is trust worthy like anything. I love her and she calls me Sona and she's my Mumma ��

    #tia : ANOTHER NAUGHTY SISTER �� but I love her too You're that thing in my life which I call as happiness, entertainment and also bliss �� for you these three maybe same but for me it isn't ��


    �� But Thankyou from all my heart ��

    To all those who wished me thankyou so much ����

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    Love you all with all my hearts

  • platipoem 8w


    Let your Happiness be like fire
    BURN till it burns everyone down