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  • plagued_words 23w

    Society teaches you a simple lesson
    It will teach you to obey
    Someone tells you what to do,
    You are trained to say “okay”

    This isn’t real freedom
    We’re all sheep in a flock
    When the shepherds tell us
    We are forced to walk

    Walk because you need a paycheck
    Walk because you want a bigger tv
    Walk because you just want to stay out of the slaughter
    Walk because you think this is what it means to be free

    Well freedom isn’t freedom if you're forced to be docile
    Freedom isn’t freedom if you're a cog in a machine
    Freedom isn’t freedom when you’re treated like livestock
    Freedom isn’t freedom if you are never once seen


  • plagued_words 35w


    My soul flies apart
    Like traffic on the freeway

    Some pieces speeding up
    Others slowing down

    None knowing which way to go
    Or what lane to stay in

    But the difference
    Between them

    Is you can control the car
    Most of the time

    My soul
    Does what it wants

    When it's breaking the speed limit
    My anxiety is flying all over the place

    When it's going slow, sluggish even
    My body's restless and tired
    But you can't see it

    Sometimes, they crash together
    And parts of me die

    And for a while
    I'm unsalvageable

    Im sitting in the backseat
    Watching helplessly with open eyes

    I can never
    Grab the wheel

    Because my heart and mind
    Don't see eye to eye

    So on and on
    It's driving

    All the while
    My heart
    In overdrive

  • plagued_words 37w

    These ropes get tighter,

    The more I struggle,

    Held in a basement,

    I hear him upstairs with an evil chuckle,

    He plans on cutting me up,

    To put my head in his freezer,

    But my temperature is rising

    Like I have a fever,

    My heart thumps louder as he gathers his tools,

    Wanting to disect me by following a specific set of rules,

    Gas fills the air,

    I start to fall asleep,

    I am going to die dismembered,

    At the hands of a creep.

  • plagued_words 39w

    Time and Time Will End

    Yesterday is done and dead
    Today is in construction
    Now's the only time you have
    Before today's destruction

    You are older even now
    Than when you started reading
    Time is slipping through your hands
    And none of it's repeating

    Use this very moment here
    To seal your future fate
    When time is gone forever
    And eternity awakes

    For time's the only time you have
    To choose the day or night
    And Eternity is darkness
    Is a never ending plight

  • plagued_words 46w

    I know I haven't written much lately. I've been quite busy with school. I did, however, write this short song to capture the aesthetic of high school. Enjoy��

    Chord progression on strings is A>Dm>Am>Dm>A>G Just repeat that


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    I am fucked. Yes I am.
    When did it become 3 am?
    And I am still working on an assignment due 2 days ago.

    And I know, I should time manage
    Now I'm really starting to panic
    Why did I make this so manic
    Just finish reading this passage

    But its ok. I can fix this
    This stupid piece of shit
    I'll get it done and turn it in late
    Its only a little past the date

    And maybe my teacher won't mind
    I'll promise to do better next time
    I already know that's a lie
    But I seriously want to die

    And this page is still blank
    Didn't I write down something a while ago
    Oh god I literally don't know
    And fuck I thought that time was slow

    I've only had three mochas yet
    I dont think the effect has set
    Oh and I had two caffeine pills
    Why do I keep getting chills

    But its getting kinda late I mean- early
    And I still think I need to sleep, so surely
    Tonight really really sucked
    As you can see I really am fucked

  • plagued_words 49w

    Chapter 14

    "Summer!" Benji scolds.
    "What?" She asks, oblivious.
    "You can't just jump into a moving car!"
    "I can, and I did." She says. She is wearing a simple outfit. Just a white t-shirt and jeans. She wears this outfit rather often, so it’s no surprise. 
    “So,” Summer begins, “Anyone know what movies are playing?”
    “No, but we can choose one when we get there.” Benji says.
    “My vote is on a horror.” Summer says.
    “Your vote is always on a horror.”
    “Is there a problem with that?”
    “Well, I’d like to see a comedy.”
    “Why would you want to watch something funny? Your whole life’s a joke.”
    “Hey! That’s not true.”
    “I want to see a romance.”
    “Why in the world would you want to do that?”
    “I don’t know. I’m just in the mood.
    “What are we gonna see then?”
    “What did we see last time?”
    “I don’t remember.”
    “I think we saw a comedy.”
    “Well, I guess it’s down to horror or romance.”
    “Or we could go with a totally different genre.”
    “Or we could not.”
    We playfully bicker the whole way to the theater. Our personalities are so different that the three of us often get into arguments. They aren’t real arguments, of course. They are just playful banter between a couple of friends.

  • plagued_words 50w

    Chapter 13

    Anna's POV:

    My mother and father are not yet home, and Emma is probably at a friend's house. I set my bag down on the table and head upstairs to my room. I sit down on the bed and take a moment to just sit there and take in the day.
    I then go downstairs to find something to eat. I decide on some spaghetti. Spaghetti has always been one of my favorites. 
    After eating my spaghetti and taking practically forever to get ready, I wait on the curb and scroll through my phone until I see Benji's car. It's a silver convertible. A perfect car for this weather. The roof is down and he is wearing sunglasses even though it's dark. He pulls up right next to me.
    "Need a ride?" He asks, jokingly. I chuckle and go around to the other side of the car. I get in the passenger's seat and buckle my seat belt. Benji begins driving to Summer's.
    "What's with the sunglasses?" I ask.
    "Do I, or do I not, look like the coolest person when wearing them?" 
    "You do, but it's eight o'clock."
    "Fine, fine." I put my arm on the side of the car. The wind blows my hair, but not to a point where it becomes too messy. We finally pull up to Summer's apartment. She's waiting outside, and hops into the backseat before we fully stop.

  • plagued_words 51w

    Chapter 12

    Carter's POV:

    I knock on the door quietly, just in case she is asleep. 
    “Come in!” I hear an excited voice on the other side of the door. I open the door and walk in, close it gently behind me. She’s on the floor doing a puzzle, so I crouch down a little. She smiles up at me and gets up to give me a hug. 
    “Carter!” She holds onto me tightly and bounces up and down a little. 
    “Hey Mom.” I laugh softly and pull her back by her hair so she isn’t hugging me as tight.
    “I’m doing a puzzle!” She says excitedly and points down at the small puzzle on the ground. “Do you want to help?” 
    “Sure Mom.” I help her sit down and then sit down next to her. I don’t bother doing too much of the work, considering the puzzle was very small, I’d say between 50 and 100 pieces total. It takes her a little while and I sit there patiently as she finishes. She looks at me proudly and smiles. I praise her for her work and begin to get up off the floor. She gets up with me and grabs my arm. I gently shake her off.
    “Are you leaving me?” She asks, concerned.
    “I’ve got to get home for dinner.” She fiddles with her fingers as I speak.
    “This is your home. Dinner is here too.” 
    “Well, Tommy needs me too.”
    “Okay. Tommy needs you too.” She repeats as I begin to walk away and she gives me one more hug. I quickly hug her and then give her a little push away. 

  • plagued_words 52w

    Sorry for the break, I'm trying to catch up in school.

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    Chapter 11

    "You guys got any plans tonight?" Benji asks.
    "That depends on why." Summer replies.
    "Well, I thought that we could go see a movie." He says.
    "I'm down." Summer says.
    "Anna?" Benji asks me.
    "Yeah, I'm in."
    "Nice. You guys want me to pick you up at eight-ish?" He asks.
    "That would be great." I say.
    "Yeah, sure." Summer says.
    "I have to go to class right now, but I'll see you then." He says as he gets up and leaves.
    "Okay, see you then."
    "I've got to go too. I'll see you." Summer says. She gets up and hurries away.
    I leave the cafeteria shortly after and head back to my locker. There are only three more periods left in the day, so I only need to grab a few books.
    The last periods pass by quickly and I find myself back at my locker to grab my bookbag. I see Benji walking up behind me. His locker is close to mine.
    "Walk me home?" I ask him.
    "Of course." We make some small conversation while he packs up his bag. Then he swings it over his shoulder and says, "Let's roll." 
    The walk home is fairly average and when we arrive at my house I invite Benji inside.
    "I'd love to , but I actually have to go do something." He says.
    "It's fine. Pick me up at eight?"
    "Sure. After that, we can pick up Summer."
    "Got it. See you then." I unlock the door and let myself inside. 

  • plagued_words 53w

    Chapter 10

    Anna's POV:

    When we walk into the cafeteria, Summer has already gotten lunch and eaten most of it. Benji goes over to her to say something as I walk straight to the lunch line. After buying a slice of pizza and a water, I go over to our lunch table. I sit down in the same place as always, next to Summer. The lunch table sits eight, but the three of us prefer to not have any other people eat with us. We've had this same table for two years now, and very little has changed since the first day that we sat when we were sophomores. 
    Summer is still stuffing herself with food and I decide not to disturb her until she's finished. Benji comes over and breaks the silence.
    "I will never understand how you eat so much and still remain so thin." He says to Summer.
    "Me neither," she answers blankly, "are you okay Anna?"
    "Why wouldn't I be?"
    "Why were you late?"
    "Okay I know you didn’t just notice that yourself." I shoot Benji a look.
    "Anna, why were you late?”
    "Come on, we just want to know what’s up." Benji adds.
    "Can you please stop talking about this?" I ask, having had enough of the conversation. They both look concerned, but they respect my wishes.