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  • pinknpurple 77w

    Cheaters cheaters cheaters ....
    Every damn human i've ever met .

  • pinknpurple 78w

    * �� very first attempt on concrete poetry .
    Basic shapes , basic words , nothing much .

    * This one is supposed to look like a plant with a bud and a leaf but �� ...

    * No offense - uranophiles , selenophiles and astrophiles !

    #concretepoetry @writersnetwork #ceesreposts
    @mirakee #readwritersbay

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    to leave
    this sphere
    so that another
    bud will bloom in
    my place only to
    be withered and
    decayed soon
    in the dirts
    like me
    ne will try
    to save the flower
    nor the fragrance it holds
    they'll be busy counting the stars
    or searching the moon who
    on purpose wanes
    in the dark .
    either the stars are meant to
    twinkle and the flowers are
    meant to bloom but if l
    could change these norms
    the celestials would sprout on
    earth and bloomwith evanescent
    redolence whereas you'd find my
    elysian flowers scintillating like
    pearls on the sky perhaps you
    would be a flower gazer and
    spend ur nights counting
    the charming carnations
    floating above starscented fields


  • pinknpurple 78w

    #picturec #blue_dear @bluepuppy01

    Dear someone ,

    Hold his hand
    whose eyes are green
    over the stars you count .

    Seek his smile
    who's ready to cuddle
    the flaws you own .

    Write for him
    to whom you're a verse
    worth a thousand reads .

    Sing with him
    who's proud of you
    and the scars you bear .

    Share his life
    who shares his count
    of stars with you .

    Be his love
    whose love for nature
    is more than yours .

    You're special . Not all can love you . Wait . Till you meet the chosen one and I promise , you'll get your fantasy real . Your elysian dreams , 11:11 wish ... Don't waste your time . A prince is on his way to pick you up . Go , get ready . Make yourself a perfect princess . You're life is gonna be great .

    regards ,
    someone waiting for someone else.


    I know this is not a ... uhmm ... idk . I just wrote this . Nothing else . Well �� ...

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  • pinknpurple 81w

    memories are now
    a disturbed moonglade on my
    puddle of tears where I found
    my last paper boat
    sunken and
    torn .

  • pinknpurple 83w

    Third quadrant life .

    You should stay protected
    That's a promise , I've made .
    But , being safe , in my lands
    is not our cup of tea for sure .

    Better stay there my child ,
    Among those shining stars
    Enjoy peace and softness
    Play peek-a-boo with clouds .

    But , don't think to set your
    Pink little poised foot down .
    You're an angel and hence
    Float in the air , fly in the sky .

    If you ever wanna come down ,
    Hold the hand of a star and
    become the descendant of one .
    I promise , you'll be safe then .

    But , don't come to me , as
    All I have is a third quadrant life
    Which is negative from every side
    Let your pinkish feet , dangle in sky .

    I do want to hold you in my hands
    But , they're busy begging for tears .
    I once had an ocean of them but all were
    lost and I don't know when and where .

    I do want to play with you and
    sing to you until you sleep but
    Not until , this sphere inhales
    The scent of stars and their scion .

    I do want to show your path and
    Light it with love and luck but
    I can't as am in search of mine
    My path , is nowhere to be seen .

    I plead to the stars and moon above
    Let my child be hidden with you .
    Let she stay there unless I call .
    If I don't , change her line .

    I will miss her for sure and
    Cry for a while , but by nature
    I'll move on and she'll be hidden
    Deep inside my dying soul .


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  • pinknpurple 83w

    I was a lonely
    lost wanderer
    seeking light
    in the woods of dark .

    Lost in the thought
    of what to search
    I heard someone
    whispering secrets to me .

    The susurrous night
    the burble of a brook
    the magic in the wind
    took me to you .

    A silver moon glade
    lighting my path
    I saw you there
    moonstruck at once .

    Ethereally fabricated
    by the eesome night ,
    you were a blue moon
    never meant for me .


    #blue #myriadc

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  • pinknpurple 85w


    Am buried deep
    beneath your poetries .

    Take me back to the day
    when , you loved me
    through your metaphors
    and fed me your rhyme .

    You're hidden deep
    inside my verses

    Take me back to the night
    when we sang for the stars
    and whispered our secrets
    to the wintry moon .

    Take me back to the days
    when you loved me
    to the moon and back .

    Take me back to the days
    when I loved you
    With my soul and heart .


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    Take me back to the days
    when you loved me
    to the moon and back ...

  • pinknpurple 85w

    @ruhii_ I know this is a long post , but I thought to share this with you . Give it a read , whenever u get time ����

    If you're wishing to read about a stupid experience of some extremely stupid girls on an eerie and spooky night ? Then , this would be my suggestion for you .

    To start with , this thing happens in a hostel . Our warden is on sick leave as she fractured her leg in a fall . I just wonder , how could a leg like that , a leg that has climbed infinite number of stairs , a leg that roams around the hostel to catch late night unwanted visitors , a leg which supports the body of someone who's mere objective is to shout n scold some poor innocent girls �� could get fractured ? Okay leave that thing , am not a medico . But , she was on leave and we , the enthusiastic and extra crazy girls were all alone in that hostel . Saturdays are usually movie nights and on that particular Saturday , we saw a movie named " Demonty Colony " it's a Tamil flim in which the �� ghost communicates through OUIJA BOARD . And guess ,

    1 . It's a girls' hostel with some extremely crazy , tell tale teenage girls
    2. The warden is on leave and we are alone .

    Yeah . We decided to try that thing . Some seniors discussed this and after two days , the day scholars handed all the supplies for us . We didn't have an Ouija board actually , but all the contents were copied on a chart . I was in my eighth grade and was not supposed to enter seniors' rooms ( one of the untold rule there ) and we , the little girls were not aware of how they got all those candles , coins and stuff . We waited for the sun to set . I , usually very slow and lazy in completing homeworks , just skipped doing them �� however other geeks and nerds completed their works in jet speed and were ready for our most awaited experiment . I saw my friend writing something with color pens n sketch pens . We definitely didn't have any projets at that time n what was she doing ? She said in a meek voice , " what if the spirit is bad ? What if it kills us ? What if it likes my body and captures my soul ? " I was like �� after hearing that . She took a white sheet and a pink paper . " This white , is for my parents and pink is for ( her crush ) , at least they will be happy right ? " Guess what ? I too wrote a letter and I still have that with me ���� .

    The seniors came out as if they are mediums with all their stuff . A dungeon room with old pillows and beddings was THE CHOSEN room . We went one by one , following our seniors . They were seven girls of 11th and 12th grades . We were super excited to try our first spooky supernatural experiment !!! We were made to sit in a circle hand in hand . They strictly ordered us not to laugh or talk or open our eyes until we are asked to , no matter what happens . They lights were off and the dungeon room looked more spooky . I tried to remember the good things I've done and was calculating were I would go after death , to heaven or hell . Obviously , hell was the answer �� . We sat quietly while the senior 7 placed the Ouija chart ( a chart in which the 26 alphabets were handwritten with numbers from 0 to 9 and a YES on the right side and NO on the left side , a drawing of sun and moon on the 2 top corners .) ( We forgot HELLO and GOOD BYE ) . A candle was lit before the chart and the leader of the stupid girls' club placed a coin on the chart . Her index finger on the coin . As insisted , we closed our eyes and started calling the spirits . And the most common mantra " BLOODY MARY " was chanted . It was the month of July and it was raining cats and dogs . The breeze was extra cool that night . It was really spooky . A pin drop silence was maintained . I heard a hush and opened my eyes . The cande was off . It was not burning !!! We all bece cold from toe to head . We were aware that a spirit was there and it was the spirit's work . I started counting my last minutes ... The leader ( trembling ) became aware and her finger was waiting for someone to move it .I've heard that spirits will kill the people who opens their eyes. I opened my eyes and was scared like hell . Only a minute and boom !!!! Something hit my head !!! I started shouting and jumped from that place . Everyone started screaming and and moving in random directions through the dark . I found a chair and I sat under the chair . The door was locked and no one could go out . I tried to look through the dark . It was stupid but I wanted to see the spirit . I wanted to touch it . I was searching it from under the chair . I felt like , someone was behind me and before I could turn , I felt a cold touch on my shoulder . Againn , I was screaming and the whole room screamed in vein . Trembling , I somehow managed to get up and moved near the wall . I started to count 1 ... 2...3... 4... And on 20 , the lights were on . I was happy that me and my friend were alive and we hugged each other . We were almost crying . Some were already crying . Again , I searched for a dead body or blood or something like that but what I found was more scary. The leader of the group was staring at me . It was glare more than a stare . She turned her head and I followed her gaze to stop at a pillow . It was clear . An old pillow from the stack , accidentally fell on my head . No spirit , no ghost , no supernatural things , no nothing . Just stupid . Then what , they all started to laugh . I tried to laugh but I couldn't .
    From then , we never tried to try Ouija board things and they started to call me , " pillow princee " ...

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    A girls'hostel .
    Warden on sick leave .
    Ouija board in hand ....

  • pinknpurple 86w

    Am sixteen .

    I've never done anything much useful than watching the stars and moon playing hide and seek with clouds . Am sixteen .

    Am clueless .

    I've never been so serious about choosing a career as I want to be everything at the same time . I don't know where I'll study and where I'll go . I don't know what a college will make from me . Am clueless .

    Am lost .

    I had never felt so lost . I never thought I would miss someone whom I've never known . I never thought I would love an imaginary boy who's a cocktail of my dreams and crush . I searched for him in everyone I met . In search of him , I lost myself . Am lost .

    Am regretting .

    I never thought I would end up regretting myself after every single work . I never felt lonely as I was busy regretting myself for being alone . I pushed people away from me to protect my heart but I never thought , I was the one who was breaking my heart . Am regretting .

    Am hidden .

    I always thought that people will find me soon . Am a search away . But , the cackling truth is , I've been hidden . Deep inside an abyss . Inside my fears and complexes . Inside my insecurities and despairs . Inside my lies and dreams . Inside my faking smile and smiling words . Am hidden .

    Am scared .

    I've never thought of becoming old and being burden to my future son or daughter and finally spending my days in some old-age homes with other unlucky people like me . Spending my last days by sharing my most common yet unnoticed story with dying people . And haunting someone after my death . Am scared .

    Am dying .

    I never thought it would be so hard to live . I should breath and that's all , I can live . But , living needs more than a breathe . It needs love . Scars and pain . Depravity and disasters . Regrets and retries . Mistakes and marks . Prejudices and party nights . Ability to fake a smile and hide a tear . To replace your heart with a stone . A very hard stone . Am dying .

    Am sixteen .

    And , now people think , I enjoy my life in the best teen phase of mine . I want you to know that , am sixteen , clueless , lost , regretting , hiding , scared and dying inside my own world which no one wants to explore . Am sixteen .

    © pinknpurple

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    I've never done anything more useful
    than watching the stars and moon
    playing hide and seek with the clouds ...

  • pinknpurple 86w

    She never needs anything
    more than a warm hug
    from him .