Someone is seeing your deeds ���� Good / Evil - Your choice�� ����

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  • pink_floyd 12h

    My fear to me*

    हो मुझे छोड़ कर जो तुम जाओगे
    बड़ा पछताओगे, बड़ा पछताओगे

    In reply to my fear*

    इसमें तेरा घाटा
    मेरा कुछ नहीं जाता

  • pink_floyd 1d

    Aise dosti bhi nahi chahiye bhai na hi aisa pyaar��


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    जहाँ मैं जाती हूँ वहीं चले आते हो
    चोरी चोरी मेरे दिल में समाते हो
    ये तो बताओ कि तुम मेरे कौन हो


    Dukh & Dard together*

    तेरा यार हूं मैं

  • pink_floyd 1d

    Me to my siblings while seeing friends and Tom & Jerry

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    I love Jerry and you are Tom

    I love sitcom and you like romcom

    So stay away from my tv remote

    Because i am a PhD holder in buzz bomb.

  • pink_floyd 1d

    Daant - Teeth

    Brush kiya karo brush��.

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    Tum jo itna muskura rahe ho

    To muh band kar lo gande daant kyu dikha rahe ho?

  • pink_floyd 2d

    कराहता : Mourn

    I will never hurt you because you know what you have done to him. Though my blood is not same as his but believe me you have murder someone 1000's times with your words, actions and decisions. I used to call you d__ and always have taken your side but trust me I hate myself for this and I always asked myself 'why I have taken your side'.

    Nothing more to say except this saying of APJ ABDUL KALAM :

    Be silent in two situations.

    1. When you feel one can't understand your feelings from your words.

    2. When one can understand you without any words.

    The day you will realize things (which I think you never will) that day you will found yourself to be one of the cruelest person on this earth.

    [This is for someone here on miraquill who is a great writer but never learn anything from her own writing ������].


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    साथ छोड़ उसे चली भी जाती तुम अगर
    तो कुछ वक्त बाद वो झूठी मुस्कान से जी-लेता
    तुमने तो उसकी रूह तक से मज़ाक कर दिया
    अब कराहता है उसका दिल न तो वो उसे भी अपनी मुस्कान से सी-लेता।।

  • pink_floyd 3d


    Zine ke hai chaar din

    Par raatein(रातें) unlimited hai

    Toh keep living, keep breathing, keep smiling


  • pink_floyd 3d

    Jisko dekho uska partner kahi kisi aur ke saath shaadi kar raha aur vo kahi aur��are toh relationship me rahkar shaadi ki afterlife ki practice kar rahe the kya?

    Aur batao relationship me se hokar aaye ho ya shaadi me jaa rahe ho��?

    NO OFFENCE ����

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    Ye relationship kisi aur se aur shaadi kisi aur se karna necessary hai kya?

  • pink_floyd 4d


    Naam bhi nahi suna hoga na par song zaroor suna hoga����

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    People around me*

    Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Arijit Singh, Sonu Nigam is/are my favourite singer

    Meanwhile me*

    My favourite is Sunil Grover and his song

    "Zindagi barbaad hogiya"

  • pink_floyd 5d

    “Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.” - Leo Tolstoy

    A real writer is who follow what they want others to follow through their writings. You should follow what you are feeling, expecting & desiring from others. Don't write things which you don't follow himself as that not justify your wisdom rather they show your double-face.

    #No_meme #Sensible

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    You know what a beautiful and great writing look like?

    It's when someone is following what they want others to follow through their writings.

  • pink_floyd 5d

    Sasta nasha

    Bahut sasta nasha

    Phir aata hai har sahi baat ko galat batane wala nasha