HAPPY BIRTHDAY DARSHAN �� �������� cake facial ☝

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  • pink_berry 18h

    Her eyes looking like unheard stories
    Her mind is full of fantasy.
    She inked her fairy tales as poetry
    Describing me as fallacy .

    The rain is falling over my skin
    The raindrops are like the crystals.
    Oh she shot me with her love for me
    And it killed me worse than a pistol.

    Two lovers found a place
    In each others imaginary world.
    We lived in it , we loved it.
    Letting our poetries get curled.

    Your smile is a lie and I know that.
    You fake to keep others happy .
    I know I'm very late .
    And it makes me feel crappy.

    When flowers Bloom in your balcony
    I'll get some more as you desired.
    You watch them wilting and blooming
    And I'll watch you as my eyes admired.

    #start #wod @miraquill @writersnetwork #ceesreposts

    (I wasn't gonna post anything today but you miraquill. .....itna Acha challenge deneee ke kya zarorat thi .....��)
    @shadowofthoughts_ I'm already writing. ....and I wrote it from his side also ��

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    The imaginary 'HER'

    And darling, I'll watch you every moment
    And every time my eyes will blink at you .
    My love is precious , preserved and reserved for you .

  • pink_berry 18h

    #gabbu #bluefamily #spreadlove
    @blurryface__14 @tortoise @uttkarsh_15 @dark_ink_01 @justt_human


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    Happy birthday Darshan

    A young adult but still a kid.
    A sensational singer with a thought provoking history.
    A guy who hates being called cute
    And to his fans he dedicates his victory.

    His journey was tough
    His interests was never accepted
    HE lost special people
    Who encouraged and respected .

    He loves his fans and
    Calls them blue family
    He is our gabbu, Darshan raval
    Who does notorious stuff calmly

  • pink_berry 1d

    Dear Future love (lV)

    You know I dreamt about you last night, and guess what we were fighting for an ice-cream. That was a cute dream. I woke up in the morning feeling tired as if I lifted up many dumbles , but it's the same like sleeping with hundreds of thoughts which burden your mind. The day we will meet is not yet here , have some patience love. I was happy to here that ..... but sad too . At times there are soo many thoughts running in my head burning the calories of my past..... I feel exhausted. I need some relief, the relief that the draught lands have after a heavy rain, the relief the clouds have after showering there pain . Something just like this .....and I know this relief lies in your arms, in your love and in your heart. It's strange how I have both the feelings at the same time. I wanna met you , see you , be with you, laugh with you, cry with you and love you, and in the same moment I feel the contrary. I'm way too childish , I'm not sensible and I'm insane too ! I want to be accepted the way I am and not wanna be changed. I wanna walk with you the entire journey crossing every hill and stone . I want my metaphors to memorise you and similes to make you smile . I want my allusions to appear apparent and my pathetic fallacy to fail in front of you . The saying " good things take time " are keeping me alive , but you are taking too long . And it's your fault, and I'm gonna make you regret it through my words , my poetries and my presence off course. I don't regret my past, it was worth facing a heartache , in order to believe in love even stronger and wiser. But honey make my past jealous of my future.

  • pink_berry 1d

    What's black ?
    My shadows which are lost in the
    Darkness so dark .

    What's white ?
    My soul which is made so pure
    To match your serenity.

    What's red ?
    My blood which bleeds
    To penetrate poetries.

    What's purple ?
    My night sky so dull
    Without your stars.

    What's pink ?
    My cheeks which long
    To blush for you .

    What's green ?
    My veins which are
    Boosted with belief .

    What's blue ?
    My ink which has dried
    Losing hopes .

    What's yellow ?
    My sun which once spread light
    And now it's no more bright .

    #mondo #wod @miraquill @writersnetwork #ceesreposts

    (Hope this apt for the challenge, I wrote all the mondos in one post , easy for you ppl to read say thank you. Lol.just kidding ��)

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    What's Love ?

    The mixture of all these shades which forms a unique rainbow
    And fall for you .

  • pink_berry 2d

    I saw her in the fields
    Of sunflowers wearing white
    I saw her with my eyes peeled
    And let my finger tips fight

    The hills and valleys
    behind had snow
    Her cheeks had stolen
    The red from the rainbow

    Her daintily embroidered dress ,
    Her beautiful open hairs
    Her face had no stress
    But her eyes hold and bears.

    She rested under the shadow of a tree
    The sun rays peeped through the spaces
    The sunlight kissed her lips carefree
    And I my heart still chases.

    It could be hers
    If love had a face
    So perfect to fall for
    And so divine to chase

    (Hope it's apt ��)
    #pastoralpoem #wod @miraquill @writersnetwork #ceesreposts

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    I saw her in the fields

    And darling, I see you in my dreams
    I can listen to your silent screams
    I'll be coming to be with you
    And to love you as I always do .

  • pink_berry 3d

    Where are you honey ?
    Behind the setting sun
    Behind the cotton candy clouds or
    Behind my dying hopes .

    Where are you honey ?
    Behind the boughs of the tree's
    Behind the leaves so green or
    Behind my future roots .

    Where are you honey ?
    Behind the autumn leaves
    Behind the spring SAKURAS or
    Behind the winter snowflakes .

    Where are you honey ?
    Behind my present,
    Behind my shadow or
    Behind nothing at all ?

    #life #wod @miraquill @writersnetwork #ceesreposts

    (Hope this makes sense ��)

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    Where are you ?

    And honey I want you to last like
    the never dying beauty of sunsets
    I want you to stay with me
    Like the firefly in darkness .

  • pink_berry 4d

    Today's challenge will be a collaboration. Wait for that.
    Abhi isse kaam chalalo....pata nahi kya hai.....jab bhi likhne jati hun .....yeh ajeeb khayaal tapak jate hai ��

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    The night incident

    It was late in the night
    When I woke up from the middle of my sleep
    I couldn't feel you next to me
    Thoughts started arising, dark and deep

    I walked through the passage
    Calling out your name aloud
    I started to cry
    As I didn't see you around .

    The clock stuck at 3:00 am
    And the door of the kitchen opened
    You came out with a bucket of ice-cream in your hand which was spread on your face
    Giving me a naughty kids smile and a flying kiss you send

    Soon you realised my eyes had tears
    You came rushing to me and gave me a hug
    You asked, "what happened? You okay? Did you see a bug ?

    I gave you a hit on your chest
    And hugged you Even tight
    You whispered "such a kid you are"
    and gave a kiss soft and light.

    You wrapped your arms around me
    Whirling your fingers in my hairs
    Tickling in my ears
    Which I really can't bear.

    And the night dwelled into the morning
    We were together falling in love again and laughing
    We lived in the memories again
    Then slept covering our lips while yawning.

  • pink_berry 5d

    Dear Future love (lll)

    Today is no more a today, there are no nows in the present moment. The sun is shinning bright but my soul lost the light. I feel neither bottled up nor I'm at ease. I'm lost somewhere in the triumph of a news. Meeting you was always something I thought of every moment, and now when the moment is here , I'm scared. I don't know why am I scared? But there are few weird intuitions, some very weird thoughts and deep breaths with every blink. I've always kept my hopes high but someway or the other they disappointed me. I kept my hopes , believe , love , life and everything my soul contains at you , and I'm worried. The roses are wilting , they are about to fall.
    I've closed my eyes under a wall. I caged my heart so that it don't love you more. Or maybe I want to love you more. I don't know where my life's gonna take me or what's written in my destiny. I don't know who are you .Though I'm curious to explore your world , take care of your little things , understand you at your worse , be with you at the weakest moment and love you till infinity . My hearts pounding like a launching rocket. My hands are chilled , they are sweating. The adrenaline......Oh my's more than blood in my body. My soul is standing like a shadow beside me ......! And my heart is out of my body wandering on the streets of love , I hope it met you already and you followed it like the bread crumbs left by Hansel and Gratel to the way back home ; to the way to me . I'll hear the words which linger in your silence, I will read your eyes when covered with fake looks and I will reach to your happiness when you pretend . I tell myself that I'm fine , I'll be okay but I really need you to make me feel fine, make me feel okay .

  • pink_berry 5d

    Behind A Broken Heart
    Are resting buried EMOTIONS .
    My heart didn't bleed when it broke
    Instead my eyes cried oceans.

    Broken Crayons In My Bag are living
    Like my broken heart resting inside me
    I'm EMPTY withouta beat within
    And a broken mosaic to see .

    There's A River Flowing Inside Me
    Of WORDS and there's no ink left
    My hopes are sailing on it
    Waiting for a shore to rest .

    If My Poems Doesn't Rhyme
    There's no FEELING of satisfaction
    It's incomplete without you
    And loses its charm to fraction.

    Poetry Is My Last Hope
    To live this LIFE .
    I ink about you so that
    Till you come I'll be alive.

    #combination @#wod @miraquill @writersnetwork (i used every word from set A and set B ��)

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    A love combination

    Honey , my patience is on a verge to break
    And tears are gonna flood my face
    I wanna feel you in my arms
    And let my heartbeat race.

  • pink_berry 1w

    I wanna eat cake ����
    I was hungry so I wrote this ��

    #imagery #wod @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    Your heart was a butter
    Your eyes were the eggs
    Your lips were the sugar
    And your cheeks was the flour.

    Your arms were the milk
    Your hands were the heat
    Your fingers were the essence
    And palms a parchment paper so neat.

    Your love was a cake
    Your tears were the icing
    Your words were the whipping cream
    and your life was my cherry .