Nobody is wired wrong, because there is no right or wrong in the way we are. ��

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  • picassoelle 164w


    Still praying every night
    Let me show who I already am
    Seems like a never ending fight
    Wish I wouldn't give a single damn
    But something's stopping me
    From showing my true colors
    It's something people can't see
    Will I be one of those lovers?
    One day I'll be free and proud
    Gain acceptance and throw off any fear
    Cause time's too short for not being loud
    There's nothing to be ashamed of being queer

  • picassoelle 164w


    Stories behind your scars
    In your eyes a thousand stars
    Dark hair as the stormy night
    Heart shining brighter than the sun's light
    Follow me and heal my dying soul
    Live's pulling me in an endless black hole
    Be my spark in the dark and savior
    Make me feel like I'm more than just a failure
    Once you're here I'll make you stay
    Can't live alone in my pain for another day

  • picassoelle 165w

    Having you by my side showed me how beautiful live can be

  • picassoelle 165w


    Being lost and never found
    Fading away without any sound
    Holes in my heart getting deeper
    Falling into the dark another metre
    No light left to see at the sky
    How many more nights do I have to cry?
    Until the end, so fearful, seems like heaven
    The wish to disappear became an obsession
    I'm only living to suffer and to fear the next day
    Not sure if I can call that condition living anyway
    There's no remedy for what chokes me slowly
    I'd rather die than existing and being lonely

  • picassoelle 167w

    Put a crown on your head and feel your worth

  • picassoelle 167w


    The wind howling so soft
    My heart's a labyrinth, still lost
    Rescue me and give me wings
    Had way too many sad endings
    Set me free and let me fly
    Leaving the mess and gliding to the sky
    In the clouds the truth seems near
    Now there's nothing left I have to fear

  • picassoelle 168w


    Late night talks
    And starlight walks
    Soft as honey
    Tingles in my tummy
    Heart beating fast
    Our love will last
    Pure soul of yours
    Us sleeping outdoors
    Never will give you up
    Take a nip of my teacup
    Forever by your side
    Thanks for being my pride

  • picassoelle 168w

    Your Love

    Your kiss feels like a soft cloud
    Having you by my side makes me proud
    I don't care what other's might think
    Cause, you know, the truth I can't hide is pink
    Your love feels like every color of the rainbow
    Red, with your warm heart and that golden glow
    Orange, like flowers which are about to bloom
    Yellow, as sparkling as a lemon is your perfume
    Green, like soft leaves falling off an appletree
    Blue, as wide as the ocean and free
    Purple, like the tiny butterflies inside of my tummy
    Your love, so endless, tastes like golden honey

  • picassoelle 168w


    I acted to be someone else all my life
    But secretly been dreaming about having a wife
    Even though no one knows, there's our community
    They showed me that I had a big opportunity
    As my second family they make feel loved and supported
    Don't living up to everyone's expectations got me quite exhausted
    This community is my pride and my shield
    Thanks to them all of my inner wounds were healed.

  • picassoelle 168w

    I lost the war against myself while fighting on the battlefield in my heart.