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    Like a glass, she seems pretty, pure, and fragile
    Dare to break her and you'd hurt yourself
    Ig: whenadentist_writes

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    I just want to stay in bed and cry and sleep.

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    Besides soft drinks, my favorite slow poison is you.

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    I always thought that the moon was female. Even though I grew up reading texts which often mentioned "Chanda mama'' (Uncle moon) it didn't change my perspective at all because the moon has to be very beautiful and I've always associated beauty with females.

    They say that when love happens it changes you. So what exactly it changes in you? Love changes your perspective of the World. In the first few months of a relationship often referred to as 'Honeymoon period' you seem to view the World with a rose-tinted glass but when it doesn't end well the same World appears to be dark and gloomy. Love doesn't always mean romantic love.

    I first fell in love when my nephew was born. As he stepped in my life, a Khala (aunt) inside me came into existence. Love of a Khala is one of the purest forms of love in the universe. It's very close to maternal love it only shows how capable we are of loving other's children like our own. When love happened, the girl who wouldn't think of touching a diaper ended up changing 4-5 diapers per day, and the youngest sibling who was protected by others her entire life suddenly became a caretaker. The adolescent who wasn't fond of newborns suddenly craved to hold one.

    The saying that love doesn't divide, it multiples always confused me until I became a Khala again. That's when I realized that you can love more than one human being equally without comparing them. It always annoys me to death when people compare them and refer one of them as prettier/smarter or something. They're like my fingers, very different but I love both of them equally.

    Now whenever someone says "chaand" (moon) my nephews are all I can think of. They're my definition of beauty and the 'pretty girl' I always imagined to be the moon is long lost because now I have two real moons in my life, my nephews. They're the living example of love for me. Moon is the thing that shows us light in the darkest of our nights. For me, my nephews are my moons who make not only my life happier but they're my constant motivation to become a better person and a good role model for them.
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    Did you drug my coffee
    Or did you just sip it?
    Because it's not just coffee I'm addicted to
    And darling what makes me high is just you!

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    Dear Future Self,
    I'm writing this with a heavy heart, still hoping that this finds you well. My fingers tremble as I type but you'll probably never get the reason why. As today my heart pounders for something you'll find ridiculous tomorrow and the things that make me anxious would be a mere joke to you or just another bad memory but no matter who you are you'll always be close to my heart.
    Today I'm going through major stress yet I'm fighting for you and I know that I'll survive just to see you in a better place. Even if you're not doing well at your timeline you'll always have my back as I'm the one who shaped you and made you who you are. If you ever feel like giving up think about my struggles. It's not like you have to pay me back for something but please don't let my aspirations go in vain. Since you're even a better version of me I know that you're capable of doing a lot of great things in life. Please remember that no matter what happens I believe in you.
    Keep pushing yourself and don't let the growth stop. Per Aspera Ad Astra.
    Your younger self.
    P.S: I'm rooting for you.

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    I stand in the middle of a crowd
    With throbbing breaths,
    As my heart aches I ask myself
    'Why I'm here?'
    Am I in this world?
    Will I blend in or stand out?
    Do I exist?
    Or I'm in absolute nothingness?

    Is it a part of me now?
    Or I'm becoming a part of it?
    Because every day, I smile so brightly
    With my entire courage, I curl my lips
    Is my future bright like my smile?
    Or it's dark just as it sounds.

    Is it those nights I've been restless?
    Or is it the mornings when I don't feel like leaving the bed?
    Is it all the time I've been more strong than I was?
    Or all the time I've been shattered inside?
    Sometimes it's as if it didn't exist
    While sometimes it's strong as a narcotic
    I don't know if it'll consume me
    Or maybe I'll overcome it?


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    Day nth of depression

    Please read the caption. Feel free to reach out to me or your loved ones if you're feeling this way. My inbox is open for all :)


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    when true, feels like it can take over the World, and it does, unless it's one sided.

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    Word Prompt:

    Write a 8 word micro-tale on Constantly

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    'Not even chocolate?' Yeah I was constantly Studying