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  • pheazero 39w

    Everything flutters away, in an instant.
    The milestones that are etched by traditions, disappear away like dry ice.
    What gets imprinted within your mind and heart , we know not.
    Time is the only library that shall reveal those memories that are enshrined within us.


  • pheazero 40w

    How does one stay still?
    As the time sways away.
    What was etched in stone is now covered with moss.
    The beauty that was sought has been draped in intrigue.
    The replication of wonder has resulted in drastic mutations that has brought us closer to blunder.
    You may see, but what do you believe?
    What is the reality that you seek in the face of the reality that drapes you in periodic synchronous monotony.

  • pheazero 41w

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    Options though unlimited, are constrained.
    Beyond, the future, what else do you know?
    Death is the only certainity that burns fear and extinguishes in a crushing quest for hope.
    As one treasures small moments , on forgets the whole.
    Happiness is but a fleeting thought.
    You may smile all the time to create a positive vibe, but don't taunt the others.
    The ones who reflect the reality as we are comfortably cooped away in our own privileged delusions.


  • pheazero 43w

    Ink has dried and words have fluttered away.
    The clouds have passed and rays of sun penetrate the dark tar.
    I found words on leaves , their patternless dance in the evening breeze.
    The regular silhouette of the high rise is a constant reminder of the world we transverse silently.
    Buildings sometimes can have splendor, but the aesthetics are embedded within the irregularities of the canopies.
    The canopies have made way, and we as humans take the center stage, without any script we jog ahead weaving a story through our own creations and forgetting that there's something beyond them.

  • pheazero 44w

    Soft glow of a green & red LED permeates through the dark corridor.
    Silence is broken by the innecessant whirring of the fan.
    Bodies lie on the floor aching for sleep and the minds long to be a part of distant symphony.
    The day is 8 hours away, but is it that day that they long for.
    The ambiguity switches on the mind into a sea of dreams, while the body rests under the blanket of slumber nestled within eachothers' love.

  • pheazero 44w

    The clouds dwindled away with the sinking light
    and yet
    the droplets continued to pour out from the darkened sky.
    Her eyes could have been bounded to the pixelated illusions but the wetness in these arms spread out of windows was too true to deny.
    She had faced many such cloudless rains since the moment, she took her first breath.
    Now, her every breath , had become a gasp or sometimes a roar of silence.

  • pheazero 45w

    We walked a thousand steps never realising why.
    In search perhaps of finding something new or merely confirming those crystallised delusions.
    What we found was expressions. Cumulative expression of what the sky whispered, the observations never distilled, while the world around still mirrored the reflection of what the sky whispered.

  • pheazero 45w

    There is always" that time " etched in our memories that provide solace in form of nostalgia.
    While remembering them is a boon, remembering only them and forgetting the rest also is.
    Puncturing our self created relative truth is also a boon.
    Beauty may lie in the details in search of the truth but is that detail a subset of past present or the future?

  • pheazero 46w

    As more information is translated into emotion, how do the macro laws channel our internal activity.
    Do our senses bind us to these natural laws, or every cellular activity governed by them?
    Will the accumulated information bind us or free us?
    Does this information always increase ? Or is it constant within the universe?
    Among these and numerous other questions , we do reside as a dot beneath a question mark.

  • pheazero 48w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 10 word short write-up on Trust

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    Built brick by brick over time.
    Shattered instantly upon betrayal.