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  • pheazero 4d

    Information hits me like the bright light focussed upon my eyes.
    Wherever I see, it's all white, nothing to differentiate fact from these insidious lies.

  • pheazero 4w

    Something fluttered far away.
    The time was fleeting by.
    Breeze did make it move, but the fluttering seemed to have a life of its own.
    The eyes did peek at the horizon.
    For the time of miracles had long passed by

  • pheazero 5w

    Within the mantle of day to day thought, a cusp of ideas waits.

  • pheazero 5w

    I stay awake, awake to what I know not.
    I stay awake and dream, of what I know not.
    I chug along propelled by the moving mass of the society, to where , I know not.
    I do know that I don't, but do I want to know?
    I know not.

  • pheazero 5w

    What do I see beneath this freedom?
    Do I see the sacrifices of the past? or do I see ,
    the tingling chains of time from the future?
    I do not see, I do not even feel.
    I do not remember, but I still walk over the trampled reason . I stride away within you where I probably do sense something being portrayed as hope.

  • pheazero 6w

    Do the clouds fleet away with the wind? Or do they drissle out of our mind?
    Are made to use complete utilisation of time? Or are we made to experience the change? The irony of change that we have created for ease is that we are making it harder to seek happiness, but sucessful in increasing the mundane longevity.

  • pheazero 6w

    Ebb of information flows within time.
    Sometimes, I am at the crest and at others I am at the trough.
    Do I displace or am I stagnant?
    Beneath these questions I do breathe, a slow wholesome breath.
    In search of something, that something with a ounce of truth greater than that , within which I reside, right now.

  • pheazero 21w

    Bits traverse through the air.
    The dispersed pixels sometimes do affect you.
    Its strange when strangers demand and you comply willingly. Are they stranger after all? New worlds created in pixels sometimes settle down within your dreams , like a selected few that are strangers and yet infringe your thoughts sometimes.

  • pheazero 22w

    Everything flutters away, in an instant.
    The milestones that are etched by traditions, disappear away like dry ice.
    What gets imprinted within your mind and heart , we know not.
    Time is the only library that shall reveal those memories that are enshrined within us.


  • pheazero 23w

    How does one stay still?
    As the time sways away.
    What was etched in stone is now covered with moss.
    The beauty that was sought has been draped in intrigue.
    The replication of wonder has resulted in drastic mutations that has brought us closer to blunder.
    You may see, but what do you believe?
    What is the reality that you seek in the face of the reality that drapes you in periodic synchronous monotony.