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  • phantom_of_dreams 13w




  • phantom_of_dreams 13w

    For: My Friend

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    Desert Rose

    Love is unforgiving,
    But undoubtedly fulfilling,
    For what's a rose?
    Without it's thorns.

    Nothing will ever be enough,
    To quench my undying fidelity,
    Sometimes I wonder,
    Have I ever made a blunder?

    Sands of despair,
    In the heat of vengeance,
    Due to unfavorable circumstances.

    My loyalty is only that of scarcity,
    Like a single drop of water,
    In the desert.

    My sincere apologies,
    To you my true blue companion,
    Dyed in the wool of camaraderie.

    Once we were comrades in arms,
    And brothers by bond,
    Now thorn apart.

    But rejoice my friend,
    I see us no where near to an end,
    For the ending of a chapter,
    Is merely the beginning of another.

  • phantom_of_dreams 21w

    Hope I

    Dear Autumn,
    How are you?
    I can't say that I don't miss you,
    Because I do...,
    Nor can I say that I don't want to be with you,
    Because I do...,
    I guess...,
    Now you are in the arms,
    Of a better man,
    A man of dedication,
    And a generous heart.

    I was...once a merciless mercenary,
    One who sought for the happiness in agony,
    My acts...were merely only those of an immatured child,
    For all I saw was despair in the land of the defiled.

    But when I was with you,
    I was a different person,
    Now...without you,
    I can never be half the man I used to be.

    A sailor some would call me,
    A lonely sailor,
    One whom would venture across the sea,
    Seeking for an answer,
    The TRUTH,
    Deep in to the untold,
    I sailed,
    Finding no one,
    But only the cold and cruel sea breeze that wailed,
    I knew that there was no going back from this path of which I had begun.

    From the darkest and tempestuous of nights,
    Mountains of rough and choppy waves I fought,
    Clinging on to hope,
    Like the last strand of straw which kept me afloat.

    A glimpse of light I caught,
    It was the sign of hope that I sought,
    I followed the constellation of celestial bodies,
    I mapped the skies,
    Leading me closer and closer towards the light,
    Your heart.

    A garden of which I sheltered,
    From the biting winds of sorrow,
    A garden of love and warmth,
    A valley of roses.

    You gave me a reason,
    Something to believe in,
    I wish I could still be with you,
    And just watch over you,
    You were my sunset above the minnow,
    But when the sun got low,
    Life meant lesser without you,
    And everything turned blue,
    I just can't stop thinking about you.

    But never was I to be warned,
    Of your deleterious thorns,
    That tormented my heart,
    And left me in pieces,
    Day and night,
    Dismay and fright,
    Cold and alone,
    With a heart of stone,
    Never can I love another girl,
    For you were once my whole wide world.

    What is love?
    Is it a dream,
    Does it last forever,
    For all I have ever known,
    Is of it's testimonies,
    Testimonies of the broken hearts.

    Why couldn't we loved each other,
    Like there were never good byes,
    Couldn't we just talk out of it...
    As we promised...
    Tho I never got to say "I love you",
    But thank you :)

  • phantom_of_dreams 21w


    Roses are red,
    Violets are blue,
    No tears will you ever have to shed,
    For I will always be standing by you.

    Have you any clue,
    Of how much I love you,
    Maybe even more than the skies of blue.

    But as days goes by,
    Your absence haunts me,
    Fragments of my memory,
    Memories of being with you is still vivid in me.

    Let time heal scars,
    For I am nothing but a casualty,
    Of the shifting sands of your love.

    Love is scarce,
    A contrary to the abundance of lust,
    Only if I could rip our hearts apart,
    Why can't we be sundered by this pseudo love.

    -Akil Indiya-