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  • petrichor_tales 22w

    If people are circles on the endless papyrus of life we would all be crude interlapping drawings of some unexplainable forces. Call it science, chance, chaos, miracles, God or the miriad of other phrases that we use to try and explain why things exist and interact, the fact remains that somehow we all are coexisting, each and every one of these creations of existence. The circles like I previously compared life to as a metaphor begins to feel like clusters, and then patterns. But wait, isn't that what it always was, always is? A patterns of interwoven existence - Life.

    Here and near, we all are bound to coexist. Try as you might to detach and live by yourself, you end up making connections nonetheless, from the sturdy grounds that you choose to let you hold you in balance to the pets that you choose to keep company.
    For the less 'solitary-existence-seeking' among the creations it then becomes as natural as breathing to find kindred souls of understanding.

    Understanding is where all of creation strives to reach. Even chaos itself creates the most mesmerising of it's patterns reaching into an equilibrium. We all strive to understand each other, from the ones that give us love to the ones that embrace us from their heights of perceivable differences.

    Some choose to lift us up, pen our destiny into decipherable notations and allow us to read each of the similies and rhymes making up the words that form the poems, songs and the stories that are us - continuance of the perception of existence.
    Acknowledgment of the faults, the fissures and the tears that meld us all together - the ground and the rain.
    And if we falter in between lost and trembling, choose to resonate with your surroundings- the over lapping circles, the ones that you love and choose to stay by, they will create the most beautiful of synchronous noesis.


    To someone who continues to inspire many among us.To my little sister and little popcorn munching unicorn. This is for you @manasaa Happy Birthday dear. Glad you were born and continue to exist in all our circles, resonating and lifting us up ❤️

    #unicornsthatglitterinthenight #petrichordelights

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    Understanding is where all of creation strives to reach. Even chaos itself creates the most mesmerising of it's patterns reaching into an equilibrium. We all strive to understand each other, from the ones that give us love to the ones that embrace us from their heights of perceivable differences.

  • petrichor_tales 22w

    There's something in your voice
    that makes itself dig deeper
    than that which I thought
    was possible to unearth
    it piques my breath and
    keeps my dangling from its
    hitches to pitches till the furthest reaches
    In the morning it asks me
    If I'd be warm under it's blanket
    and I would nod
    she'd then wrap me in her words
    it begins in whispers and then crescendo
    into a poetic cloud of comfort
    a nubivagant in the midst of mists
    When the letters in my hand shivered
    and the last character
    disappeared into a singularity
    she embraces me in verses.
    "start again" - her voice
    it soothes the trembles into a resonance
    letters into words
    'A poem' she whispered
    they fall,
    into the soil,
    the earth blooms once more
    enticed by your call

    @writersnetwork Thank you for the honour guys❤️

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    She would then wrap me in her words
    it begins in whispers and then crescendo
    into a poetic cloud of comfort
    a nubivagant in the midst of mists.
    When the letters in my hand shivered
    and the last character
    disappeared into a singularity
    she embraces me in verses,
    "start again" - her voice
    it soothes the trembles and shivers into a resonance
    letters into words
    'A poem' she whispered


  • petrichor_tales 34w

    I am but a mirror of my imaginations desperately trying to keep up and reflect it's grace but faltering so bad that I laugh at how much better it is to fail and getting clearer each time

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  • petrichor_tales 36w

    Sitting in bus filled with people, who just want to go about their lives, wishing to fulfill their own individual wishes. I wonder if all of them wish to build a galaxy, of radiating stars warming a hundred planets filled with life, like I do..
    I peer at the person who doesn't wear a mask and wonder what makes him so callous? Is he really callous or is he just someone who is overly optimistic? Or is it just that he is pessimistic and feels there's no point?
    Am I being the one who is at the wrong here? Could he be someone who has breathing problems and can't bear to wear the mask because it'll cause him suffocation?

    Is it just me or do I overthink a lot?

    Is that why all of a sudden I'm thinking, "if this is how I overthink about a person not wearing a mask and his reasons (I couldn't bring myself to sit next to him too.. I was rooted to the spot overthinking my next move) then what about a girl who is inappropriately touched by someone all of a sudden? What if she's paralysed by something much worse?

    "Did he touch me purposively?"
    "Or am I in the wrong?"
    "Did I do something to warrant such a horrible experience?"
    "How did I end up here?"
    "What would others think if I shouted now?"
    "Would they blame me and side with him or would they understand me?"

    I probably should have asked him to wear a mask anyway, sat down and rested my legs.

    She probably should have defended herself in a way that he would be set as an example, for the world to see.

    But here we are.. us flawed humans who overthink ourselves out of existence. Flawed?

    I should probably stop.. this overthinking.. but should I really?

    //Where did the blackhole in my galaxy come from? Why are the stars revolving around it?//

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  • petrichor_tales 41w

    Is this random when I say that I know you?


    I know how you've stayed shocked to the point no tears came out of your eyes and you questioned your humanity

    I know how momentarily lose sense of yourself and start breathing way too fast
    and the world seems too much to bear for your lungs

    I know how you stopped telling people your name fearing they'd recognise you as that weird kid around there

    I know how some people thought you were too much to be among them. About how they left you out just because they felt taking you in might hurt their social statuses.. society.. you scoffed

    I know how you cry after years, you just can't stop and end up laughing in between thinking how messed up everything has to be at that moment

    I know how you panic all of a sudden and you can't stop, you can't stop the worst imaginations taking over your mind

    Breathe.. this is where I ask you to do the very thing you hate

    I know you. I am me, you and us, what matters is that we know each other. What are we really if we can't be overwhelmed by our minds.. you don't have to blame yourself for it.. I'd ask you to blame me.. I have seen you suffer but chose to ignore you when you were near. I'm afraid but so were you. I'm ruined but so are you. I am you. But then why do our colours matter. Why do our shapes matter. Why do our sizes matter. Lumped together.. I am you!

    #colours #darkernightsinpetrichor

    @writernetwork honoured by the repost❤️

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  • petrichor_tales 48w

    There is this certain aspect of memories being imbibed into inanimate objects of not much significance up until that point which you notice them. You might not have thought there lay any relevance to the word dusk and dawn or even associated them with the those many times that you have watched them in passing. But then people come into the spheres of your life like the rain drops perched upon a leaf during the monsoon. Pitter patter it drops and thus it goes, on and on until it flows, up until the moment it stays as a rhyme in your mind and then it glows.

    Some people feel like the person you know will not judge you even if they say they hate you whenever they see you. Sometimes it feels better to hear that someone hates you when you know they might smile with it too. They will mess up your vocabulary of perfectly ruined languages by claiming to teach your the best ways regarding it's usage. Now you end up with a broken vocabulary and reassure yourself that your abilities to perfectly raise the temper of your teachers still exists. People that actually try to make you feel as if you scaled the everest for every little thing that you do are what makes the muxture of simplest and most opposite of words jumbled together have some meaning to it. Some sort of pleasant memory becomes attached to it, it reflects the person that uses it when someone remembers it.

    We associate memories with songs and end up reliving them with the people we spent them with. I think it's the same with letters and words or even sentences. You imbibe memories into words too. Of some people.

    To friends that are worth it

    @dusky_dawn (I still cant understand the meaning of that name but people love it here because you made it so)

    Happy Birthday Guruji❤️

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  • petrichor_tales 54w

    I'll be gone for a while

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  • petrichor_tales 55w

    I would call you the moon at night
    And you would bathe me in moonlight
    Your touch eclipses with my shadows
    Marking holy, the days in furloughs
    Solstices you've embraced
    For me to be graced
    These singularities that hold
    Too many similarities to behold
    Wormholes you've made
    Through galaxies to evade
    Those few discrepancies we met
    Even time you've made to abet
    These white dwarfs that maketh us
    Would've needed supernovas ardous
    Black holes we are in raves
    Colliding gravitational waves
    Creation and armageddon, these fingers entwine
    Breathing its last, we call this divine

    Bereft left the dreams I craved
    Purpose I search for in those raved
    Souls too full to leave no place
    For me to occupy in grace
    Shunned a choice made to run
    From grasps, this acumen
    Faster each time
    Hiding in rhyme
    These secrets would hide
    No one with insight to catch me, I lied
    Try as you might
    Wish you'd alright
    For me to be born
    Anew at light to adorn
    But maybe these clean dresses
    Still hide the same muddy heart in recesses

    Let me embrace our differences
    Letting drop all offences
    Kissing your lips in passion
    Leaving sighs in accretion
    Lifting you just right
    Leaving you in delight
    Straying through these recesses
    Making delirium as it progresses
    Leading you astray
    Taking you away
    Putting you in clouds
    Making rain in crowds
    Holding you in shivers
    Letting you flow in rivers

    Seep I will into every crevice
    Leaving you to grab hold of reality
    Grace I will in aegis
    Making you pull back covers of verity

    Whispers we will exchange under the night sky
    Interwine we will, taking sips of starlight
    Wishing noesis, we'll lay bare in moonlight
    Souls melding, we'll let slip of restrain, thus untie
    P.C: Ricardo Gomez Angel


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    © petrichor_tales

  • petrichor_tales 57w

    I'd decry every humanly experience
    Every heavenly notion and reincarnation
    If it meant I'll be free of every chain
    If I'll be blessed to give birth again
    My creations will live on,
    maybe not my name
    And if by chance,
    existences were but trivially ephemeral
    I'll make love with the nature under the stars
    with the night and the dawn
    And birth words of passion,
    children of compassion,
    capable of creating ethereal moments
    of creative proliferation.
    From under the canopy of thoughts I'd try to peek at hopeful stars.
    It's hard at times, when the foliage is thick and dark
    but I know it exists,
    sprawling above them and then beyond.
    for as long I'm aware of its existence, I couldn't ever give up


    P.C: Pierre Pellegrini (Instagram)

    Thank you for the kind repost @writersnetwork

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