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Various poems about everyday life to make you smile, think or comment.

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  • peterspoetry 224w

    Harsh Reality

    'Events Dear Boy' as Mac never said
    While terrorists fill my heart with dread
    It's 10 pm and the Polls are closed
    Sprawled on the sofa, there I dozed

    Time to sit up and take a note
    Find out what happened, to my vote
    The Exit Poll is coming now
    See where we voted and how

    Looks like it's HUNG, I just knew
    The panicky emails, they just grew
    She was the Home Sec. And now the P.M.
    'Events' come to haunt her from way back then

    The rot set in with their manifesto
    They spouted it out, with such gusto
    'Oops, perhaps we made a mistakes
    Have a deep breath, for a 'Second Take'

    Far too late, that horse has BOLTED
    Now they are looking severely JOLTED
    Now 'The Prat' has a big fat grin
    Waiting to see his votes coming in

    Can't watch any more, I'm off to bed
    Wake in the morning. A feeling of dread
    The Brexit we wanted is going to be tougher
    Life, as we expected, is going to be rougher

    We knew the 'Jam' was never there
    But even 'Hope' is now thin air

  • peterspoetry 224w

    Democratic Wrong

    Now it's over, that's yer lot!
    Who do we have, who do we not?
    Exercised our Democratic Right
    Now to find out, our future plight

  • peterspoetry 224w

    Over Production

    Mar Mary quite contrary, how does your garden grow?
    As you well know, it grows so fairly, after time spent with fork and hoe
    Moisture makes the plants so tall
    Think we'll have to have a stall

    Far too many for us both
    Did I hear a muttered oath?
    By the kilo or the pound
    As soon as they are 'out the ground'

  • peterspoetry 226w

    Three children are sitting on a log by a stream. One of them looks up at the sky and says . .

    'When can we go back home?'

  • peterspoetry 227w

    Bumblebee's Lament

    Sometimes I'm doing it all the time, Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!
    Sometimes go hours feeling just fine, Ouch!
    Going about my daily pollination, Ouch!
    Something 'tween me and my destination, Ouch!
    An invisible force field restricting my flight, Ouch!
    Can't get around it try as I might, Ouch!
    There's always something gets in the way, Ouch!
    When through this life, you're making your way, Ouch!
    Now the window's open and you're free again, Yipee
    Off fast as you can, nothing to restrain ©peterspoetry

  • peterspoetry 227w

    Summer Storm

    It's raining it's pouring, the old man is snoring
    Is it any wonder, sitting out the thunder
    Safe and warm in our Sun Room
    Peering out into the gloom

    It's clearing now and I will somehow
    Head outside, once it has dried
    Do the tasks, finish the weeding
    Rake up the soil. Do some seeding


  • peterspoetry 227w

    Summer Rain

    Rain Rain go away
    Then come back another day
    That saying that we know so well
    Marks the end of this dry spell

    The sun was lovely, very hot
    Like being on holiday, it was not
    Jobs to do, garden to tend
    Paths to build, fences to mend

    Just sitting here, watching it pour
    Wondering about, the cricket score
    Has rain stopped play, are they all out?
    NO. We are WINNING, I hear you shout

    © peterspoetry

  • peterspoetry 227w


    The lemons on the lemon bush
    They are growing, rather lush
    The lemons on the lemon tree
    When can we have some, for our tea?

    The oranges on the orange bush
    They are turning, now to mush
    The oranges on the orange tree
    Why did we not eat them, for our tea?

    © peterspoetry

  • peterspoetry 227w


    Oh what a cute little boy
    Playing so nicely with his toy
    Brumming here and brumming there
    Lost in his world without a care

    Now he’s munching, never stops
    Round the garden slowly hops
    Look at that butterfly, landing there
    It doesn’t seem to have a care

    Everything is new and exciting
    With his brother sometimes fighting
    Pretending they are Pirates there
    Don’t get hurt, please do take care


  • peterspoetry 227w


    Sowing seeds by cultivation. Hope
    Growing on without frustration. Nope
    Watching them, anticipation. Mope

    Potting on my tiny plants. Plugs
    ‘Tecting them from ants & Bugs
    Sometimes joy, sometimes pants. Hugs

    Now they are bigger, planting Out
    Rush down the path, panting. Shout
    Send those caterpillars packing. Clout

    Many have survived the trial, Wait
    Life threw at them all the while. Great
    Roasting now, by ovens dial. Plate

    © peterspoetry