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  • peteofficial 51w

    Memories have a way of
    crumbling a man to his knees...

    ©Oladapo Peters

  • peteofficial 55w

    Fair and comely,
    A Dainty delight.
    Graceful in your doings.
    In how you walk,
    in the way you talk.

    Fierce in spirit
    Calm in Love
    you're a beacon of comfort,
    your name validates that.

    You are love; in the way that you care
    You are kind; in the way that you give
    You are strenght; in how you forgive
    You're Humility ; in how you apologize
    I celebrate you My Lady, today, and always.

    As you tick another milestone off the calendar, more of all that is elaborated above shall gallop towards you.

    The universe shall perpetually present you with new milestones to celebrate, more reasons for healthy laughters, continuous success to toast to, abundance of love to share and unending health and vitality to go with it.

    Happy Birthday soul child
    Excel and stay relevant

    ©A. Biodun...❣️

  • peteofficial 74w

    Embrace your pain
    Wear it like a badge
    No shame in adversity
    For It is darkness that magnifies
    The beauty of the light

    Oladapo Peters.

  • peteofficial 79w

    What a whirlwind year 2020 turned out to be!
    A weird December, and a turbulent last two weeks.

    Got diagnosed of an acute condition on the 12th, that required immediate surgery. I've braved a lot pain, while also missing important engagements.

    Yet, I still draw breathe, on the day I took my first breathe, for my maker wished it so.

    Sibe Sibe, Oluwadarasimi
    Iba Fun Eledua....

  • peteofficial 87w

    2013 has come and gone, but not without etching life defining prints and impression on me. From personal upheavals, to dealing with the loss of a loved one. A tragic year!

    I had reluctantly redeployed from Enugu, to Ogun state for the last 3 months of my service year, around November 2012. This stemed from the nagging insistence of my parents to be closer to a loved one.
    In this case, my dad's older brother, a medical doctor of regal standing.

    While it felt like I was uprooted from an environment where I had seamlessly transitioned, my new habitat offered fresh challenges, and a chance to not only get closer to family, but to glean bits of knowledge from someone who is a Mathematics graduate, Medical authority, Man of God, but also a veteran in the affairs of life.

    It was fun, I ate lots of fresh fish, ah! I loved the regular Egusi soup, the Ijebus and Egusi, damn! Prior relationship between us were just visits to Lagos for his professional exams or medical conferences. Couple of days here and there. But here now, stuck with a man whose eyes most nights are divorced of sleep at the sudden call of emergency, for the life of someone hanging by a thread.

    Still, amist the hectic schedule of tending to humanity, and my personal commitments of patriotism to fatherland, we'd still enjoy interactive bonding sessions, dissecting topics of various interests. I even sought his advice on going back to school earn medical related degree! It was 3 months of pleasantness, and the not so cool ones. In all, I went, I saw, and I learned. A lot.

    Another 3 months had just swirled by since leaving Ogun state, then the Hospital called. My uncle had fallen ill. The diagnosis says "Cancer of the bone marrow." This sentence drove stinging chills and perspiratory fear through my body.

    The specialist at the University College hospital, Ibadan, who also doubles as his university colleague had told him "Yinka, you're a doctor, you know the outcome, just see out your time here as comfortable as possible". I was shattered as he recounted those words to me.

    My daily routine changed from job hunting to sleeping in the hospital, and then church, to nurse a hitherto healthy man to his eventual death in the least excruciating manner as possible. I took turns with my brother, and cousin. It was traumatic, to put it modestly.

    He shrunk daily before our very eyes, we watched hopelessly and helplessly as life ebbed away from his frail body and feeble heart. I would leave the church to get high, to douse my emotion. Man, shit fucked with my head! I could feel tears welling up as I write this.

    Dr Olayinka Abner Oladun, A chief medical director of a state owned general hospital wept daily, resigned to fate, dejected and beyond recognition. He suffered, he did. And I was "MAD ANGRY" at God! Dr Oladun saved thousands of lives, and he was a fucking priest!

    One certain afternoon, dad called from the hospital at Gbagada, that had been recommended to us. In muffled voice he said "Dr Oladun is gone." I sank to my knees, my head bowed, and I questioned the existence of God. I queried his silence at doing something, a miracle, whatever.

    Distraught and grief stricken, the memories of our 3 months in his official duplex dazed me in a flurry. He was a good man.

    For 3 months, he groaned and wriggled in unabated, unimaginable pains. Lost weight in an atrocious manner and reduced to a heap of bones. It was torture, no human should ever live like that.

    His loss left a hollow shape in our hearts, a void in the family and humanity. But In times like that, "Death is a kindness."

    Rest in peace
    Dr Olayinka Oladun
    Gone but never forgotten.

  • peteofficial 91w

    I've been walking through dark roads
    Alone and lonely, round in circles
    Tossed between hopeful and hopeless
    These endless travails bleeds me bare
    I've become a sack of weary bones

    On bended knees, I laid it bare
    I prayed for a help I rarely get
    Then I heard a voice whisper to me
    Saying you need a home,
    You've lost your way.

    The still gentle voice of a Comforter
    Hallelujah! Jesus spoke to me...

    ©Oladapo Peters

  • peteofficial 124w

    I was out and about today and was exiting this mall where I had gone to get stuff, when I bumped into a friend I'd grew up with in my childhood and early teens.

    He'd brought his 2014 Toyota Highlander SUV valued at 6million naira for a wash at the car wash domiciled on the same property as the mall. With an air of surprise, we enclasped each other in a tight embrace and briefly relieved the memories.

    He was drinking from a bottle of Hennessy, and quickly poured me a cup of Henny, but I declined. He'd also asked if we could hang out if I was not too busy but I didn't oblige.

    The gulf in class between us academically, (He didn't even graduate high school) The disparity in our purchasing power, (I didn't even own a bike) These thoughts wrestled with my head for rest of the day.

    That moment questioned my methods, that moment tested my resolve! My strengtht of character was brought crashing down to earth!


  • peteofficial 126w

    The hurt I could not say
    I put it into art
    You call it Poetry
    I call it Pain.

    ©Oladapo Peters

  • peteofficial 129w

    When someone says they so are busy
    Accept that they really are.
    They are so busy forgetting you
    Because they are busy remembering other people


  • peteofficial 132w

    Today, once upon a time, on a cold December night. In a quiet Ondo state village, overlooking the icy deep sea, I cried my way to existence..

    When a child is born, he or she is old enough to die, but three decades after, and more, I still draw breathe.

    Maybe I'd leave tomorrow
    Maybe I'd stay till 90, whatever happens
    I've been, and will be, the best my kind has ever seen...

    Iba Fun Eledua
    ©Oladun Oladapo Temitope Peters.